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Rootedness and National Identity in the Twenty-First Century

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2022 : 135-138

Author(s): Simms, Luma

Simone Weil – Malheur

Liminality and the Philosophy of Presence: A New Direction in Political Theory, Routledge,

2021 : 115-149

Author(s): Hoppen, Franziska

The Growing of Roots in Times of Turmoil and Uncertainty: Simone Weil’s Legacy


2021 : 55-71

Author(s): Eugenio, Paula Nicole C.

The Subversive Simone Weil: A Life in Five Ideas

University of Chicago Press,


Author(s): Zaretsky, Robert

À la racine de l’enracinement weilien – l’arbre comme symbole réel

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2020 : 79-94

Author(s): Zyka, Christine

Degrowth and Critical Agrarian Studies

Journal of Peasant Studies,

2020 : 235-264

Author(s): Gerber, Julien-François

La compasión por la fragilidad: un nuevo patriotismo

Aurora: papeles del Seminario María Zambrano,

2020 : 94-103

Author(s): Rio Herrmann, Alejandro del

The Ethics of Cross-Border Cooperation and Its Values

Religion & Cohesion,

2020 : 41-63

Author(s): Nadalutti, Elisabetta

The Politics of Rootedness: On Simone Weil and George Orwell

Simone Weil, Beyond Ideology? , Palgrave Macmillan,

2020 : 103-121

Author(s): Quintana, Oriol

Une approche théorico-clinique de l’Enracinement : Déclinaisons des espaces, de la créativité et du contemporain

Université Côte d'Azur,


Author(s): Gibelin Charlotte

(S)radicamento e comunità: Le riposte di Simone Weil alla risi del soggetto

Segni e Comprensione,

2019 : 102-119

Author(s): Giugnatico, Ida

L’enracinement de Jean-Pierre Issenhuth

Études littéraires,

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La problématique du déracinement

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2019 : 45-61

Author(s): Cantin, Serge

María Zambrano, Simone Weil y la Europa fortaleza

Aurora: papeles del "Seminario María Zambrano",

2019 : 48-60

Author(s): Ribera, Pau Matheu

The Leftist Political Parties in Light of Simone Weil’s Criticism: The Workers’ Party

Síntese: Revista de Filosofia,

2019 : 283-300

Author(s): Martins, Alexandre Andrade

Uprootedness, Resentment, and the Will to Power in Emily Brontë

Language, Power and Ideology in Political Writing: Emerging Research and Opportunities, IGI Global,

2019 : 105-123

Author(s): Theodosiadis, Michail

Uprootedness, Resentment, and the Will to Power in Emily Brontë

Language, Power, and Ideology in Political Writing: Emerging Research and Opportunities, IGA Global,

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Author(s): Theodosiadis, Michail

Uprooting and liberation: problematics of Central and Eastern European exile in Škvorecký’s The engineer of human souls and Hoffman’s Lost in translation


2019 : 753-766

Author(s): Reid, Daisy

A Radical Cure: Hannah Arendt & Simone Weil on the Need for Roots

Philosophy Now,

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Author(s): Remer, Scott

HIstory, Alterity and Obligation: Toward a Genealogy of the Co-operative

Law, Obligation, Community, Routledge,

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Simone Weil e l’immaginario bio-pneumo-politico de L’Enracinement

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Simone Weil’s Uprooted

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The Critical Spirit: The Pessimistic Heterodoxy of Simone Weil

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Author(s): Ritner, Scott B.

The Year of Our Lord 1943: Christian Humanism in an Age of Crisis

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Author(s): Jacobs, Alan

What are the “Ethical Values’ That Underpin Border Cooperation in Europe and South-East Asia?: A Reading of the Upper Adriatic Region and the Iskandar-Malaysia Border Cases

Region-Making and Cross-Border Cooperation: New Evidence from Four Continents, Routledge,

2018 : 148-169

Author(s): Nadalutti, Elisabetta

여성주체가 겪는 고통과 치유 The Suffering and Healing of Female Subjects : the Cases of Ellen West and Simone Weil Viewed from the Standpoint of Philosophical Counseling

한국여성철학 Korean Feminist Philosophy,

2018 : 87-131

Author(s): 노성숙 Nho, Soung-Suk

A Philosophical Anthropology Drawn from Simone Weil’s Life and Writings



Author(s): Cullen, Helen E.

Educação, desenraizamento e contemporaneidade em Simone Weil

Universidade de Estado de Bahia,


Author(s): Queiroz, Hamilton Barreto

Experience of Places in Derek Wolcott’s The Prodigal

English, University of Tartu,


Author(s): Soosaar, Susanna

Quando tudo nos é estranho para onde vamos? A inserção de imigrantes portugueses no movimento associativo português da cidade de São Paulo

Psychology, Universidade de São Paulo,


Author(s): Peres Antunes, Sofia Martins

Racism’s Uprooting: White Racial Jeopardy and Democracy

Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire,

2017 : 144-159

Author(s): Ryan, Judylyn

Simone Weil and Franz Kafka: A Forceful Parallel

Interbellum Literature: Writing in a Season of Nihilism, Bill,

2017 : 400-438

Author(s): Hermans, Cor

The Cry of the Poor: Anthropology of Suffering and Justice in Health Care from a Latin American Liberation Approach



Author(s): Martins, Alexandre Andrade

The Singularities of Moral Harassment and its Classification as Personal Injury and/or Existencial Damage

Revista Juridica,

2017 : 54-93

Author(s): Gunther, Luiz Eduardo, Cochran III, Augustus Bonner

L’enracinement en la crítica literaria(Camus, Mounier, Eliot)

Ápeiron. Estudios de filosofía,

2016 : 117-132

Author(s): Herrando, Carmen

Estado, sociedad y religión en L’Enracinement

Ápeiron. Estudios de filosofía,

2016 : 109-116

Author(s): Narcy, Michel

Love and Welfare

The Need for Roots, Centre for Welfare Reform,


Author(s): Duffy, Simon


Critical Criminology,

2016 : 375-391

Author(s): DeValve, Michael

On Routes and Roots: Movement and Rootedness in Garifuna Culture

Mobile and Entangled America (s), Routledge,


Author(s): Prescod, Paula

Saving Europe from Itself: Weil’s Enracinement and Heidegger’s Bodenständigkeit

Rootedness: The Ramifications of a Metaphor, University of Chicago Press,

2016 : 111-154

Author(s): Wampole, Christy

Simone Weil ou l’expérience de la nécessité

Les précurseurs de la décroissance, Editions le passager clandestin,


Author(s): Azam, Genevieve, Valon, Françoise

Spinozan Realism: The Prophetic Fiction of Jane Bowles

Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenologial Psychology and the Arts,

2016 : 81- 108

Author(s): Adams, Don

프랑스 현대철학자들의 사상에 나타나는 똘레랑스 정신 The Spirit of Tolerance in Modern French Philosophers

인간연구 Journal of Human Studies,

2016 : 83-112

Author(s): 이명곤( Myung, Gon Lee)

Enracinement or the Earth, the Originary Ark, Does not Move: on the Phenomenological (Historical and Ontogenetic) Origin of Common and Scientific Sense and the Genetic Method of Teaching (for) Understanding

Cultural Studies of Science Education,

2015 : 469-494

Author(s): Roth, Wolff-Michael

How Can Science Education Foster Students’ Rooting?

Cultural Studies of Science Education,

2015 : 515-526

Author(s): Østergaard, E

Is EU Cross-border Cooperation Ethical? Reading Cross-border Cooperation Through the ‘Needs for Roots’ by Simone Weil


2015 : 485-512

Author(s): Nadalutti, Elisabetta

Simone Weil l’altissime

Lemieux éditeur,


Author(s): L'Yvonnet, François

Une politique de la kénose

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2015 : 227-239

Author(s): Rio Herrmann, Alejandro del

“Echar raíces”: Notas marginales



Author(s): López Farjeat, Luis Xavier

Anti-immigration Initiatives and Weil’s Theory of Affliction

Peace Philosophy and Public Life: Commitments, Crises, and Concepts for Engaged Thinking, Rodophi Press,

2014 : 55-70

Author(s): Brown, Anna Jean