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Simone Weil: la atención y la acción como reconocimiento de la existencia

Cuadernos salmantinos de filosofía,

2021 : 471-489

Author(s): Romano, Maria del Sol

Mεταξύ: Consideracions per a l’amor contemporani, de Simone Weil a Diotima de Mantinea

Universitat de Barcelona,


Author(s): Pablo Martinez, Amande de

Rozumienie miłości w myśli Simone Weil

Jagiellonian University,


Author(s): Mikucka, Monika

“Attentive Distance” in Love, in Light of Simone Weil’s Thought

Marriage, Families & Spirituality,

2019 : 72-81

Author(s): Roncalli, Elvira,

Life and Truth: A Response to Joel Backström

Nordic Wittgenstein Review,

2019 : 131-140

Author(s): Strandberg, Hugo

Love and Animals: Simone Weil, Iris Murdoch and Attention as Love

Routledge Handbook of Love in Philosophy, Routledge,

2019 : 193-204

Author(s): Aaltola, Elisa

Odległość wymiarem miłości – szkic o poezji Jana Twardowskiego i jego inspiracji filozofią Simone Weil

Język – Szkoła – Religia,

2019 : 23-39

Author(s): Bohdziewicz-Sulecka, Beate

Reading Simone Weil in East London: Destitution, Decreation and the History of Force


2019 : 113-131

Author(s): Rowlands, Anna

It’s Destiny! The Parables of Bowen Systems Theroy and Qualitative Research in determing the Hypostatic Nature of God

Theology, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary,


Author(s): Knott, Catherine Y.E.

Love and the Pitfall of Moralism


2018 : 231-249

Author(s): Pascovská, Kamila

Love in the Time of the Zombie Contagion: A Girardian-Weilienne Reading of World War Z

Studies in the Fantastics,

2018 : 47-77

Author(s): Reyburn, Duncan

Reclaiming Love in the Face of the Void in Iris Murdoch’s Thought

Divinity School, University of Chicago,


Author(s): Lee, Jun Yeon

A Limitation of Multicultural Education from Simone Weil’s Understanding of Justice

OMNES: The Journal of Multicultural Society,

2017 : 41-59

Author(s): Yoda, Kazuaki

A Passion for Life: Love and Meaning

Nordic Wittgenstein Review,

2017 : 31-51

Author(s): Kronqvist, Camilla

An Approach to Simone Weil’s Philosophy of Education Through the Notion of Reading

Studies in Philosophy and Education,

2017 : 663-682

Author(s): Yoda, Kazuaki

Kierkegaard, Weil and Agapic Moral Fideism

Kierkegaard's God and the Good Life, Indiana University Press,

2017 : 78-91

Author(s): Tietjen, Mark A.

L’attention, l’autre nom de l’amour: Comment apprendre et développer son attention

Éditions La Source Vive,


Author(s): Poletti, Rosette

On Sublimation and The Erotic Experience: Simone Weil and Hans Loewald

Psychoanalytic Psychology,

2017 : 346-51

Author(s): Heifetz, Aviad

The Essential Connection Between Human Value and Saintly Behavior

Journal of Value Inquiry,

2017 : 123-140

Author(s): Coghlan, Simon

Une lecture de la modernité par le biais de l’amour et du politique chez Arendt, Weil et Rougemont

Political Science, University of Ottawa,


Author(s): Nguyen, Minh Quang

Gotteswahrnehmung in Schönheit und Leid: Theologische Ästhetik als Lesart der Logik der Liebe bei Simone Weil und Hans Urs von Balthasar

Gotteswahrnehmung in Schönheit und Leid, Herder,


Author(s): Völkl, Stefanie

Languages of Love and Literature

Ästhetik heute: Zeitgenössische Zugänge zur Ästhetik der Natur und der Künste , Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society,

2016 : 21-23

Author(s): Beran, Ondřej


Critical Criminology,

2016 : 375-391

Author(s): DeValve, Michael

On Attentive Love in Education: The Case of Courage to Teach

Handbook of Mindfulness in Education: Integrating Theory and Research into Practice, Springer,

2016 : 221-235

Author(s): Liston, Daniel P.

On Patience: Reclaiming a Foundational Virtue

Lexington Books,


Author(s): Pianalto, Matthew

Peut-on parler de Dieu aujourd’hi?: De Wittgenstein à Simone Weil

Université Jean Moulin,


Author(s): Sekino, Tetsuya

Rozpor ako východisko, láska ako smer u Simone Weilovej



Author(s): Záthurecký, Andrej

“It is Only Watching, Waiting, Attention”: Rethinking Love with Alain Badiou and SimoneWeil

Kemanusiaan:The Asian Journal of Humanities,

2015 : 93-116

Author(s): De Chavez, Jeremy

Hannah Arendt and Simone Weil on the Significance of Love for Politics

Thinking about Love: Essays in Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University Press,

2015 : 149-166

Author(s): Bourgault, Sophie

Peregrina de lo absoluto: la historia formativa de Simone Weil

Locas, escritoras y personajes femeninos cuestionando las normas : XII Congreso Internacional del Grupo de Investigación Escritoras y Escrituras, Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Filologias Integradas,

2015 : 748-758

Author(s): Gramigna, Anita

Simone Weil l’altissime

Lemieux éditeur,


Author(s): L'Yvonnet, François

Two Erotic Ideals

Religious Studies,

2015 : 41-59

Author(s): Ellis, Fiona

‘Negative Faith: The Moment of God’s Absence’: Simone Weil on affliction

Theology and Religious Studies, Sain Mary's Unicersity,


Author(s): Abdullah, Sarwar Ahmed

Care Ethics and the Moving Animal: The Roles of Love and Sympathy in Encountering the Animal Being

Animal Movements - Moving Animals: Essays on Direction, Velocity and Agency in Humanimal Encounters , Uppsala Universitet,

2014 : 269-283

Author(s): Karisson, Fredrik

Por el anonadamiento a la libertad del “amor nuevo”: Una lectura estetico teológica de “El Espejo de las alma simples” de M. Porete

Conjectura: filosofia e educação,

2014 : 47-58

Author(s): Avenatti de Palumbo, Cecilia Ines

Simones Veijas ciešanu ceļš pie Dieva

University of Latvia,


Author(s): Dzenīte, Līga

The Heart of Love

Discovering Kenarchy: Contemporary Resources for the Politics of Love, Wipf & Stock,

2014 : 18-29

Author(s): Mitchell, Roger Haydon

Blessed are the Consumers: Climate Change and the Practice of Restraint



Author(s): McFague, Sallie

George Grant on the Meaning of our Love of the Beautiful

Hamilton Arts and Letters,


Author(s): Elder, R. Bruce

Simone Weil and Theology



Author(s): Rozelle-Stone, A. Rebecca (Adrian Rebecca), Stone, Lucian

‘Love-Runes we Cannot Speak’: Sacred and Profane Love in The Pentecost Castle

Literature and Theology,

2012 : 199-213

Author(s): Freer, Alexander

Herorism on an Empty Stomach: Weil and Hillesum on Love and Happiness Amid the Holocaust

Journal of Religious Ethics,

2012 : 72-98

Author(s): Jackson, Timothy P.

Human Perfection: Overcoming Oneself: A Discussion of Kierkegaard’s Four Upbuilding Discourses from 1844 with reference to Luther, Heidegger, and Simone Weil

Kierkegaard in Lisbon : Contemporary Readings of Repetition, Fear and Trembling, Philosophical Fragments and the 1843 and 1844 Upbuilding Discourses, Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa,

2012 : 97-115

Author(s): Welz, Claudia

Le Sexe ni la mort: Trois essais sur l’amour et la sexualité

Albin Michel,


Author(s): Comte-Sponville, André

Martyrdom: A Philosophical Perspective

Philosophical Investigations, Blackwell Publishers Ltd,

2012 : 68-87

Author(s): Verbin, Nehama

Reading North Korea: An Ethnological Inquiry

Harvard University Asia Center,


Author(s): 'Ryang, Sonia

Simone Weil

Tre donne, una domanda. Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil, Edith Stein, Ares,

2012 : 135-226

Author(s): Kantzá, Giuliana

The self-emptying love: On Simone Weil’s Spirituality

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology,

2012 : 193-217

Author(s): Gao, Zhe

Amorous Ex/Incursions: Love in Writings of Badiou, Weil, Fromm and Barthes

English, Queen's University,


Author(s): De Chavez, Jeremy

Eros, Gottesliebe, Amor mundi: ” Liebe” bei Iris Murdoch, Simone Weil und Hannah Arendt

Philosophy, University of Vienna,

2011 : 125

Author(s): Springer, Silvia