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Kierkegaard and the Tragic: Aesthetic Entries into the Concepts of Modernity, Self, and Freedom

Publikationer fra Det Teologiske Fakultet, The Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen,


Author(s): Bunkenborg, Kristian

Narco-Accumulation: Of Contemporary Force and Facticity

Infrapolitical Passages: Global Turmoil, Narco-Accumulation, Fordham University Press,

2020 : 107-190

Author(s): Williams, Gareth

Reading Simone Weil in East London: Destitution, Decreation and the History of Force

Suffering and the Christian Life, T & T Clark,

2020 : 113-132

Author(s): Rowlands, Anna

Simone Weil and the Iliad

Cambridge Guide to Homer, Cambridge University Press,

2020 : 606-608

Author(s): Hall, Austen

Female Homers: A Feminist “notos”?

Homer's Daughters: Women's Responses to Homer in the Twentieth Century and Beyond, Oxford University Press,

2019 : 57-91

Author(s): Burke, Catherine

Piccarda’s Weakness: Reflections on Freedom, Force and Femininity in Dante’s Paradiso


2019 : 68-95

Author(s): Pierson, Inga

Simone Weil and Hannah Arendt on the Beautiful and the Just

European Legacy,

2019 : 805-818

Author(s): MacDonald, Sara

The Problem of Force: Simone Weil

The Peace Discourse in Europe, 1900-1945, Routledge,

2019 : 168-190

Author(s): Castelli, Alberto

Wuthering Heights in Context: Hermeneutic Singularity in Traditions of Narrative/ Cumbres Borrascosas en Contexto: Singularidad Hermenéutica en Tradiciones Narrativas

Universidad de Córdoba,


Author(s): Redondo, Maria Valero

Achilles’ Tears: Cavell, the Iliad, and Possibilities for the Human

Stanley Cavell on Aesthetic Understanding, Palgrave Macmillan,

2018 : 197-237

Author(s): LaRocca, David

Baroque Sarabande

Philippe Rey,


Author(s): Taubira, Christine

Exploring Agency in the Mahabharata: Ethical and Political Dimensions of Dharma



Author(s): Bhattacharya, Sibesh Chandra, Dlamiya, Vrinda, Mukherji, Gangeya

Reading Homer in Dark Times: Rachel Bespaloff’s On the Iliad

Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics,

2018 : 17-36

Author(s): Schein, Seth L.

Simone Weil’s Uprooted

Placeless People: Writings, Rights and Refugees, Oxford University Press,

2018 : 96-118

Author(s): Stonebridge, Lyndsey

Temporality, Dispossession and the Search for the Good: Interpreting the Book of Jeremiah with the Jesuit Refugee Service

Political Theology,

2018 : 517-536

Author(s): Rowlands, Anna

Women of Substance in Homeric Epic: Objects, Gender, Agency

Oxford University Press,


Author(s): Canevaro, Lilah Grace

Decreation and the Ethical Bind: Simone Weil and the Claim of the Other

Fordham University Press,


Author(s): Cha, Yoon Sook

Novel Wars: David Malouf and the Invention of the Iliad

Memory and the Wars on Terror: Australian and British Perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan,

2017 : 125-143

Author(s): Whiting, Kezia

Reading Romans 13 with Simone Weil: Toward a More Generous Herneneutic

Journal of Biblical Literaure,

2017 : 7-22

Author(s): Gaventa, Beverly Roberts

Simone Weil and Sophokles

Das Politische und die Dichtung: Band I: Die klassische Antike, Verlag Traugott Bautz,

2017 : 165 - 204

Author(s): Günther, Hans-Christian

Simone Weil and Franz Kafka: A Forceful Parallel

Interbellum Literature: Writing in a Season of Nihilism, Bill,

2017 : 400-438

Author(s): Hermans, Cor

“War – What is it Good For?” in Homer’s Iliad and Four Receptions

Homeric Epic and its Reception: Interpretive Essays, Oxford University Press,

2016 : 149-170

Author(s): Schein, Seth L.

Compassion, Necessity and the Pharmakon of the Health Humanities

Journal of Applied Hermeneutics,


Author(s): McCaffrey, Graham

Decreazione: Simone Weil tra mistica e Vangelo

Diogene multimedia,


Author(s): Bergonzoni, Filippo

La connaissance qui sauve; Simone Weil et la révélation gréco-chrétienne

Cahiers de littérature française,

2016 : 13-47

Author(s): Adinolfi, Isabella

La unidad del al verdad y la pluralidad de las cultras en Simone Weil

Philosophy, University of Valencia,


Author(s): Amela Rueda, Rafael

Silence, Sympathy and Violence: A Meditation

Comparative Literature Studies,

2016 : 225-245

Author(s): Bhalla, Alok

Simone Weil, les héros tragiques et le politique Entre l’amour et la force


2016 : 177-196

Author(s): Devette, Pascale

Simone Weil: Receiving the Iliad

Women Classical Scholars: Unsealing the Fountain from the Renaissance to Jacqueline de Romilly, Oxford University Press,

2016 : 359-376

Author(s): Gold, Barbara K.

The ‘Poem of Force’ in Australia: David Malouf, Ransom and Chloe Hooper, The Tall Man

Ancient Greek Myth in World Fiction since 1989, Bloomsbury Academic,

2016 : 195-209

Author(s): Reynolds, Magaret

The Iliad: an Affair of Honor

Yale Review,

2016 : 10-31

Author(s): Smith, Steven B.

Un ensayo sobre la fuerza

Nexos: Sociedad, Ciencia, Literatura,


Author(s): Silva-Herzog Márquez, Jesús

Watchwords: Romanticism and the Poetics of Attention

Stanford University Press,


Author(s): Gurton-Wachter, Lily

A View from Below: Female Lament and Defiance in Times of War

Essays from the Margins, Lutterworth Press,

2015 : 27-43

Author(s): Rivera-Pagán, Luis N.

Critica della violenza: politica, rivoluzione e religione

Il discorso sulla pace in Europa, FrancoAngeli,

2015 : 167-258

Author(s): Castelli, Alberto

Le pacifisme à l’épreuve

La philosophie face à la violence, Éditions des Équateurs,

2015 : 87-101

Author(s): Crépon, Marc

Potere, violenza, governo della città

Abitare la vita, abitare la storia : a proposito di Simone Weil, Marietti,

2015 : 49-60

Author(s): Fulco, Rita

Situating Scamander: ‘Natureculture’ in the Iliad


2015 : 29-51

Author(s): Holmes, Brooke

Youth Graffiti Vandalism : Liminal Perspectives in the Light of Masculinity, Social Contract Theory and Transformative Process

College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville,


Author(s): Frabetti, Alton C.

Gnadenlos: Simone Weils Kriegsvertändnis im Lichte der “Ilias”

Internationale Katholische Zeitschrift Communio,

2014 : 16-24

Author(s): Meaney, Marie Cabaud

Melancolia e náusea: do destino enquanto fundamento do caráter trágico ao absurdo existencial


2014 : 185-196

Author(s): Rodrigues, Thiago

Simone Weil et les tragiques grecs

Simone Weil, Editions de l'Herne,

2014 : 209-217

Author(s): Villela-Petit, Maria da Penha

Simone Weil. Un grito desde la cueva del silencio

Universitas Philosophica,

2014 : 169-193

Author(s): Castro Martinez, Dennys Maria

Tra Epos e epicedio. Paragrafi sulla ‘storia’ di Elsa Morante e Simone Weil

Italianistica: Rivista di letteratura Italiana,

2014 : 91-113

Author(s): Borghesi, Angela

Autour de l’Iliade, deux réflexions sur la force : Rachel Bespaloff et Simone Weil

L'esprit du récit, ou, La chair du devenir : éthique et création littéraire, Honoré Champion,

2013 : 442-455

Author(s): Mounic, Anne

Lo sguardo chiaro dei Greci : umanesimo e società di massa in Nicola Chiaromonte

Poetische: rivista di letteratura,

2013 : 47-62

Author(s): Perolino, Ugo

Simone Weil : between Homer and Christ

A refuge of lies : reflections on faith and fiction, Michigan State University,

2013 : 77-99

Author(s): Bandera, Cesáreo

Soggetto, diritto, lavoro, nel pensiero di Simone Weil (1909-1943)

Jurisprudence, University of Trento,

2013 : 241

Author(s): Ziccardi, Maria Giovanna

The Political Thought of Simone Weil and British Modernism

Department of English, Radford University,

2013 : 93

Author(s): Carroll, Zachary D.

Woundedness, Narrative and Community in the Iliad

Wounded Heroes: Vulnerability as a Virtue in Ancient Greek Literature and Philosophy, Oxford University Press,


Author(s): McCoy, Marina Berzins