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The mediating possibilities of absence in the thought of Simone Weil


2009 : 3-13

Author(s): Davison, Andrew

Uno sguardo nuovo. Il problema del male in Etty Hillesum e Simone Wei

Edizioni San Paolo,

2009 : 240

Author(s): Iacopinni, Beatrice, Moser, Sabina

Decreation and the Ethical Bind in the Writings of Simone Weil

Graduate Division, University of California, Berkeley,


Author(s): Cha, Yoon Sook

Homiletics at the threshold: Pope Benedict XVI’s invitation

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Duquesne University,

2008 : 244

Author(s): Mele, Joseph M.

Righting the self, and writing God

Thesis Eleven,

2008 : 101-109

Author(s): Ruprecht, Louis

Simone Weil Among the Poets

Ecstasy and Understanding: Religious Awareness in English Poetry from the Late Victorian to the Modern Period, Continuun,

2008 : 161-171

Author(s): Grafe, Adrian

Simone Weil and Gerard Manley Hopkins on God, Affliction, Necessity and Sacrifice

Forum Philosophicum: International Journal of Philosophy,

2008 : 1-16

Author(s): McDade, John

The Haste of Sin, the Slowness of Salvation : Waiting in the Theological Anthropology of Irenaeus, Gregory of Nyssa and Simone Weil

Religious Studies, University of Virginia,

2008 : 222

Author(s): Vogel, Jeffrey Allan

The Moment of a Bird’s Cry: A Note on Wallace Stevens and Simone Weil

Wallace Stevens Journal,

2008 : 171-180

Author(s): Gutorow, Jacek

A hermeneutics of providence amid affliction : contributions by Luther and Weil to a cruciform doctrine of providence

Pro Ecclesia,

2007 : 278-298

Author(s): Carr, Amy

Desire, Decreation and Unknowing in the God-relationship: Mystical Theology and its Transformation in Kierkegaard, Simone Weil and Dostoevsky

Subjectivity and Transcendence, Mohr Siebeck,

2007 : 193-211

Author(s): Pattison, George

La “décréation” comme herméneutique chez Simone Weil

Philosophy, Institut catholique de Paris,


Author(s): Dupont, Emeric

Simone Weil and the Necessary Non-existence of God

Wrestling with Angels: Conversations in Modern Theology, William B. Eerdmans,

2007 : 203-227

Author(s): Williams, Rowan

Simone Weil et le Sabbat

L'imaginaire Juif, Université de Liège,

2007 : 171-189

Author(s): Goldschläger, Alain, Lemaire, Jacques Charles

The Cross: Simone Weil’s Hyperchristianity

Ecce Monstrum: Georges Bataille and the Sacrifice of Form, Fordham UP,

2007 : 95-123

Author(s): Biles, Jeremy

The Void: Simone Weil’s Naming of Evil

Wrestling with God and with Evil, Rodopi,

2007 : 25-41

Author(s): McCullough, Lissa Jean

A Political Theology of the Absurd? Albert Camus and Simone Weil on Social Transformation

Literature and Theology,

2006 : 286-300

Author(s): Skrimshire, Stefan

Praying to an Absent God: The Poetic Revealing of Simone Weil

Culture, Theory & Critique, Routledge,

2006 : 133-147

Author(s): Baker, Timothy C.

Simone Weil on the Self


2006 : 53

Author(s): Feldman, Sarah

Simone Weil: A Sense of God

Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture,

2006 : 127-144

Author(s): Hermida, J. Ranilo B.

Chapter 5 : The Spiritual Teacher

Journal of Philosophy of Education,

2005 : 287-317

Author(s): Tubbs, Nigel

Crossing: Simone Weil, Mystics, Politics

Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara,

2005 : 287

Author(s): Robert, William

Decreation, or Saying Yes

Epoché: The University of California Journal for the Study of Religion,

2005 : 59-85

Author(s): Robert, William

Horizons of Grace: Marilynne Robinson and Simone Weil

Philosophy and Literature,

2005 : 349-364

Author(s): Ryan, Katy

Nostalgia of the Everyday: Earthly Things as Poetic Criteria in Weil and Jacottet

Christianity & Literature,

2005 : 73-93

Author(s): Baker, J. M. Jr

Thinking Nothing: Simone Weil’s Cosmology

Theology, Vanderbilt University,

2005 : 178

Author(s): Radzins, Inese

L’amour et la mort dans la philosophie de Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2004 : 273-303

Author(s): Comte-Sponville, André

Saintly Mimesis, Contagion, and Empathy in the Thought of René Girard, Edith Stein, and Simone Weil

Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, Purdue University Press,

2004 : 116-131

Author(s): Astell, Ann W.

Simone Weil and Platonism: An Introductory Reading

The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil, University of Notre Dame,

2004 : 9 -22

Author(s): Dupré, Louis

Simone Weil and Tantric Buddhism

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2004 : 47-60

Author(s): Little, J.P. (Janet Patricia)

The Body of Christ, Broken: Child Sexual Abuse Trauma and the Communion of Compassion

Religion, Emery University,

2004 : 188

Author(s): Webb, Elizabeth Ann

Two Ways of Transcendence: An Essay on Poetry & Prayer

Literature, Universidade de Lisboa,

2004 : 99

Author(s): Palmeirim, Bernardo Manzoni

Weil, Simone

Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought, Fitzroy Dearborn,

2004 : 647-653

Author(s): LeBlanc, John Randolph

A Small Treatise on the Great Virtues the Uses of Philosophy in Everyday Life

Henry Holt,


Author(s): Comte-Sponville, André

Elan et Force : Phénoménologie de la Violence Historique chez Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2003 : 281-320

Author(s): Kühn, Rolf

Être et don : Simone Weil et la philosophie

Bibliothèque philosophique de Louvain, Peeters,

2003 : 581

Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

Gerard Manley Hopkins : La profusion ténébreuse : création et décréation dans l’oeuvre poétique de G.M. Hopkins. Une approche à partir de la pensée de Simone Weil

Domaines anglophones, Presses Universitaires du Septrentrion,

2003 : 269

Author(s): Grafe, Adrian

The Practice of Attention: Simone Weil’s Performance of Impersonality

Critical Inquiry,

2003 : 216-252

Author(s): Cameron, Sharon

Decreation: How Women Like Sappho, Marguerite Porete, and Simone Weil Tell God

Common Knowledge,

2002 : 188-203

Author(s): Carson, Anne

Attention or Destruction : Simone Weil and the Paradox of the Eucharist

The Journal of Religion,

2001 : 359-376

Author(s): Wolfteich, Claire

Devoured by God: Cannibalism, Mysticism, and Ethics in Simone Weil


2001 : 257-272

Author(s): Irwin, Alec

Discerning Architectures of Meaning Through an Ethics and Aesthetics of Sense

Graduate Theological Union,

2001 : 80

Author(s): Guthrie, Catherine

Philosophy in the Mass Age

George Grant and the Theology of the Cross : The Christian Foundations of his Thought, University of Toronto Press,

2001 : 55-120

Author(s): Athanasiadis, Harris

Simone Weil 1909-43

Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education from Piaget to the Present, Routledge,

2001 : 69-73

Author(s): Smith, Richard

The experience of affliction and the possibility of love in the life and thought of Simone Weil

Religious Studies, McGill University,


Author(s): Athanasiadis, Nicholas

The Non-totalizing Gaze of Faith : Towards a Religious Ethic of Attention

Philosophy, McMaster,

2001 : v, 108 leaves 28 cm.

Author(s): Sze-Ming Chau, Carolyn Anne

The Spirituality of Work in Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2001 : 315-343

Author(s): Ross, Michael D.

Ontologie et christologie chez Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2000 : 333-348

Author(s): Forni Rosa, Guglielmo

Simone Weil e il concetto di decreazione

La Società degli Individui: Quadrimestrale di teoria sociale e storia delle idee,

2000 : 91-102

Author(s): Soncini, Elettra

Le chrétien comestible. Nourriture et transformation spirituelle chez Simone Weil

Autres Temps. Cahiers d'éthique sociale et politique,

1999 : 40-50

Author(s): Irwin, Alec