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Spiritual Practice and the Patterns of Experience: Rethinking the Form of Moral Education

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La missione educativa di Anna Vertua Gentile e Simone Weil: un filosofare scomodo

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Cultivating Attention to Deepen Teacher Relationships with Immigrant Students

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Recycling God, or Synonymity Celebrated

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Simone Weil’s ‘Reflections on the Right Use of School Studies with a View to the Love of God’: A Comment

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Attention, Literature and Education

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La atención, corazón de la educación, en Simone Weil

Quién: revista de filosofía personalista,

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Reflexões sobre a educação do trabalhador a partir do pensamento de Simone Weil

Pro-Posições ,

2019 : 1-20

Author(s): Mariz, Débora

Religious Education and the Public Sphere



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How Can a Teacher of Students with SEMHD Unhide Moral Value? (A Wittgenstein-influenced Perspective

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Practice into Pedagogy into Practice: Collaborative Postcards from Hong Kong

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Vedere il bisogno, tra domanda sociale e domanda etica. Lettura di Simone Weil


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Fare scuola, rendere giustizia. La scuola in carcere: ritrovare persone, ritessere legami

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On Attentive Love in Education: The Case of Courage to Teach

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Simone Weil (1909-1943)

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Author(s): Kotva, Simone

Le rôle de l’art dans la construction d’une civilisation nouvelle

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Author(s): Vogel, Christina

Teaching Attentiveness in the Classroom and Learning to Attend to Persons with Disabilities

International Journal of Christianity & Education,

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Author(s): Whitt, Jason D.

A School of Nonviolence?

Integritas: Advancing the Mission of Catholic Higher Education,

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Author(s): Werpehowski, William

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Author(s): Ghitti, Jean-Marc

Le maître est-il condamné à l’échec chez Simone Weil ?


2014 : 103-118

Author(s): Jacomino, Baptiste

Pedagogia i espiritualitat: vers una proposta oberta i integradora

Educació social: revista d'intervenció sòcioeducativa,

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Author(s): Bourguet Arfelis, Marta

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Philosophy and Education, Columbia University,

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Author(s): Yoda, Kazuaki

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Bringing Educational Thought to Public School Lunch : Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard

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2013 : 12-27

Author(s): Laird, Susan


Nursing Science Quarterly,

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Socrates, Augustine, and Paul Gauguin on the Reciprocity between Speech and Silence in Education

Journal of Philosophy of Education,

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Author(s): Caranfa, Angelo