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Was Gombrowicz the First Postsecularist?

The Polish Review,

2015 : 93-101

Author(s): Tischner, Łukasz

What Is Not Self: Jan Zwicky, Simone Weil, and the Resonance of Decreation

Philosophy and Literature,

2015 : 211-218

Author(s): MacDonald, Tanis

‘Not an Idle Spectator’: Geoffrey Hill as Model Reviewer


2014 : 1-11

Author(s): Vincent, Bridget

A Defense of Ardor

Farrar, Straus and Giroux,


Author(s): Zagajewski, Adam

American Impersonal: Essays with Sharon Cameron



Author(s): Arsic, Branka

Attempting “Zeitschaft:” Multilingual Inadequacy and Unrepresentable Excess in Ruth Klüger’s weiter leben: eine Jugend and Inge Deutschkron’s Ich trug den gelben Stern

Germanic Studies, University of Cincinnati,


Author(s): Dietz, Michelle E.

Between Utopia and Reality: An Exploration of Radical Corporate Responsibility in Values-driven businesses

Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, University of Canterbury,


Author(s): Algera, Puck Marloes

How to be an intellectual: essays on criticism, culture, and the university

Fordham University Press,


Author(s): Williams, Jeffrey

María Zambrano e Cristina Campo: amicizia e destino

Zibaldone: Estudios italianos de La Torre del Virrey,

2014 : 30-48

Author(s): Ricciotti, Adele

Murdoch’s Platonistic Virtue Ethics

Etica & Politica,

2014 : 285-315

Author(s): Chappell, Timothy

Poetry, the Sleeping King and Creative Doubt


2014 : 466-488

Author(s): Gundy, Jeff

The Catholic Imagination of Czeslaw Milosz

Comparative Literature, University of Washington,


Author(s): Rosman, Artur Sebastian

The White Line: Rowan Williams on Time and Tragedy

Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology, Stellenbosch University,


Author(s): Delport, Khegan Marcel

Understanding the Basic Assumptions about Human Nature in Workplace Spirituality: Beyond the Critical Versus Positive Divide

Journal of Management Inquiry,

2014 : 148-61

Author(s): Lips-Wiersma, Marjolein, Mills, Albert J.

Visioni di sterminio ne La Storia

Cuadernos de Filología Italiana,

2014 : 91-100

Author(s): D'Angeli, Concetta

吉本隆明とキリスト教(滝澤武人教授退任記念号 (Takaaki Yoshimoto and Christianity)

The Saint Andrews University Journal of Christian Studies,

2014 : 107-32

Author(s): 宮本 孝二 (Miyamoto, Koji )

“Je crois être un bon écrivain”: Extraits de la correspondance inédite entre Henry Bauchau et André Molitor

Revue internationale Henry Bauchau:,

2013 : 17-38

Author(s): Delmottee, Myriam, Meurée, Christophe

A Poet’s Meditation on Force


2013 : 58-60

Author(s): Wojahn, David

Are Human Rights Enough?

Human Rights from Community: A Rights-Based Approach to Development, Edinburgh University Press,

2013 : 50-68

Author(s): Onazi, Oche

Chang Cheh e o cinema da força: estudo estilístico a partir de dez filmes do diretor

Instituto de Artes, Universidade Estadual de Campinas,

2013 : 182

Author(s): Maués, Juliana Pinheiro

Crossing Readings on Mysticism: Alejandra Pizarnik, Antonin Artaud, Miguel de Molinos, Simone Weil and Georges Bataille

Revue de littérature comparée,

2013 : 283-303

Author(s): Depetris, Carolina

George Grant on the Meaning of our Love of the Beautiful

Hamilton Arts and Letters,


Author(s): Elder, R. Bruce

Hacia una filosofía de la persona. un diálogo a distancia entre Iris Murdoch y María Zambrano

Daimon: Revista Internacional de Filosofia,

2013 : 95-110

Author(s): Laurenzi, Elena

Human Suffering and the Quest for Cosmopolitan Solidarity: A Buddhist Perspective

Journal of International Political Theory,

2013 : 136-154

Author(s): Ward, Eilis

In the Light of Friendship: Simone Weil, Czeslaw Milosz, and Albert Camus

Queen's Quarterly,

2013 : 178-185

Author(s): Leys, Simon

In the Light of Simone Weil: Milosz and the Friendship of Camus

On the Abolition of All Political Parties, Black Inc,

2013 : 61-71

Author(s): Leys, Simon, Weil, Simone

Inextricably Bound Together: George Grant, Simone Weil, and the Legacy of Canadian Literature

Hamilton Arts and letters,


Author(s): MacDonald, Tanis

Language Lost and Found: On Iris Murdoch and the Limits of Philosophical Discourse



Author(s): Forsberg, Niklas

Lo sguardo chiaro dei Greci : umanesimo e società di massa in Nicola Chiaromonte

Poetische: rivista di letteratura,

2013 : 47-62

Author(s): Perolino, Ugo

Losing Oneself (in a Good Way): On the Value of Full Attention

European Journal of Philosophy,

2013 : 1174-1191

Author(s): Debus, Dorothea

Matricide and Martyrdom: Cancer and Karm in the Kalyug

Philosophy as Samvada and Svaraj: Dialogical Meditations on Daya Krishna and Ramchandra Gandhi, Sage,

2013 : 263-277

Author(s): Ramaswami, Shankar

Moralność jako uwaga. Słownik etyczny Iris Murdoch

Logos i Ethos,

2013 : 81-108

Author(s): Głąb, Anna

My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer

Farrar. Straus amd Giroux,


Author(s): Wiman, Christian

Observaciones en torno al legado de Simone Weil

Lectoras de Simone Weil, Icaria,

2013 : 11-28

Author(s): Birulés, Fina

Péter Esterházy: Semi-Serious

Kierkegaard's Influence on Literature, Criticism and Art, Ashgate,

2013 : 121-138

Author(s): Nagy, András


Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture,

2013 : 5-16

Author(s): Jordan, Michael C.

Priority of the Other: Thinking and Living Beyond Self

Oxford University Press,


Author(s): Freeman, Mark

Robert Lowell, Lyric and Life

Boston College,


Author(s): Shakespeare, Alex

Secular Days, Sacred Moments: The America Columns of Robert Coles

Michigan State University Press,


Author(s): Coles, Robert, Cooper, David D.

Simone Weil: Ambivalence in Search of God

French Women Authors: The Significance of the Spiritual (1400-2000), University of Delaware Press,

2013 : 131-147

Author(s): François, Anne M.

The Long Goodbye: A….Life In and Out of the Law

The Anxiety of the Jurist: Legality, Exchange and Judgment, Ashgate,

2013 : 299-319

Author(s): Bańkowski, Zenon

The Poetics of Return: Five Contemporary Irish Poets and America

English and Comparative Literature, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

2013 : 223

Author(s): Martin, Seth M.

The Splendid Legacy of Albert Camus


2013 : 636-640

Author(s): Pita, Juana Rosa

The Tragic Nostalgia of Albert Camus

Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques,

2013 : 55-69

Author(s): Zaretsky, Robert

Thinking in Images is Legal Theory

The Anxiety of the Jurist: Legality, Exchange and Judgment, Ashgate,

2013 : 43-67

Author(s): Del Mar, Maksymilian

Traduction et travestissement de soi dans L’écriture de Christina Campo

Femmes traductrices: Entre altérité et affirmation de soi, L'Harmattan,

2013 : 101-119

Author(s): Cazalé Bérard, Claude

What’s Love Got to Do with Development?

The Anxiety of the Jurist: Legality, Exchange and Judgment, Ashgate,

2013 : 225-237

Author(s): Onazi, Oche

Witold Gombrowicz: The Struggle for the Authentic Self

Kierkegaard's Influence on Literature, Criticism and Art, Ashgate,

2013 : 139-156

Author(s): Kaftański, Wojciech

‘We are not our Own’ : The Platonic Christianity of George P. Grant: From the Cave to the Cross and Back with Simone Weil

Theology and Religious Studies, Bangor University,

2012 : 328

Author(s): Jersak, Bradley

Art and the Divine

Art, Loughborough University,


Author(s): Mulvey, Clare Amelia