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“Quel est ton tourment” : le rapport à la mort dans la vie et l’oeuvre de Simone Weil

Université de Genève,


Author(s): Chayer de Coulon, Susana Marcela

An Apple Out of Reach: The Unattainable Ideal Beloved and Sappho’s Poetics in the Poetry of Marguerite Yourcenar and Anne Carson



Author(s): Mylrea, Colin

Decreative Phenomenology: Levinas, Weil, and the Vulnerability of Ethics

Boston College,


Author(s): Reed, Robert Charles

La psychè sur la page : l’expérience du carnet chez Simone Weil

Université de Montréal,


Author(s): Tirkawi, Tasnim

Lire la nécessité: obeisance, liberté et décréation chez Simone Weil

University of Ottawa,


Author(s): Daigle, Julie

Mεταξύ: Consideracions per a l’amor contemporani, de Simone Weil a Diotima de Mantinea

Universitat de Barcelona,


Author(s): Pablo Martinez, Amande de

Narrating Intensity: History and Emotions in Elsa Morante, Goliarda Sapienza and Elena Ferrante

City University of New York,


Author(s): Porcelli, Stefania

Poetic Philosophy in Plato and Zhuangzi

University of California,


Author(s): Harte, Ryan

Rituals of Response: Religion, Critical Animal Studies, and Dispossessed Subjectivity

Indian University,


Author(s): Sparks-Franklin, Jonathan

Rozumienie miłości w myśli Simone Weil

Jagiellonian University,


Author(s): Mikucka, Monika

Simone Weil. Una pensadora liminar y lo sagrado

Universitat de Barcelona,


Author(s): Fuentes Marcel, Andrea Gabriela

The Grace Concealed in Suffering: Developing Virtue and Beatitude

Catholic University of America,


Author(s): Chaloux, Paul N.

Toward a More Illuminating View of Religious Language, Religious Truth, and God: Examination of and Critical Reflection on D. Z. Phillips’ Philosophy of Religion

Claremont Graduate University,


Author(s): Kim, Hyoseok

Toward an Ethics of Receptivity

California State University,


Author(s): Shahriar, Sakib Ibne

Une approche théorico-clinique de l’Enracinement : Déclinaisons des espaces, de la créativité et du contemporain

Université Côte d'Azur,


Author(s): Gibelin Charlotte

Another Kind of Light: A Loving Attention in Modern British and Irish Fiction

Durham University,


Author(s): Lee, Cheryl Julia Wei Ling

Attention, Literature and Education

University of Canterbury,


Author(s): Catton, Judith Oakley

Bodies Unbound: Non-reproductive Sexuality and Subjecthood in (Post)Modern French and American Literatures

Stony Brook University,


Author(s): Coates, Kimberly

Ecritures blessées: Joë Bousquet, Violette Leduc, Hervé Guibert, Simone Weil

New York University,


Author(s): Ung, Kaliane Hélène

Family Portraits Political Theology of Kinship

The New School,


Author(s): Charen, Hannes

Filosofía de la resistencia: Simone Weil y el compromiso ético de la palabra

Universidad Veracruzana,


Author(s): Natividad Zacarias, Cecilia

Inscrire l’inconnaissable. Anomalies métaphoriques au sein de l’expérience mystique

University of Montreal,


Author(s): Sbih, Miriam

Labor Exploitation and Resistance in Spain: Inoperative Figures of Work (1930- 2014)

University of Michigan,


Author(s): Calatayud-Fernández, Priscila

Labor Exploitation and Resistance in Spain: Inoperative Figures of Work (1930-2014)

University of Michigan,


Author(s): Calatayud-Fernández, Priscilla

The Practical Significance of the Second- Person Relation

University of Sheffield,

2019 : 130

Author(s): Lewis, James H.P.

The Practice of Attention in the Workplace: Phenomenological Accounts of Lived Experience

University of the West of England,


Author(s): Bülow, Charlotte von

The Problem of Evil and the Fiction and Philosophy of Iris Murdoch.

Kingston University,


Author(s): Read, Daniel

The Void in Simone Weil’s Late Writing

University of Cambridge (Newnham College),


Author(s): Dupré, Gwendolen Ruth Carmel

Wuthering Heights in Context: Hermeneutic Singularity in Traditions of Narrative/ Cumbres Borrascosas en Contexto: Singularidad Hermenéutica en Tradiciones Narrativas

Universidad de Córdoba,


Author(s): Redondo, Maria Valero

Å bære sin egen byrde. Skyld og utenforskap i Marilynne Robinsons romaner. En litteraturfilosofisk nærlesning

Institutt for lingvistiske, litteraere og estetiske studier, Universitet i Bergen,

2018 : 77

Author(s): Lundh, Live

Å Oversette Gud: Om Anne Carsons Stereoskopiske Gudsframstilling Som En Kroppslig Forankra Oversettelsesprosess

University of Oslo,


Author(s): Ulla, Svalhiem

Alienazione e dignità. Il lavoro come valorizzazione dell’uomo nel pensiero di Simone Weil

Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo,


Author(s): Colucci, Andrea

Attention to Suffering in the Work of Simone Weil and Käthe Kollwitz

Duke University,


Author(s): Gehring, Stephanie

Coagulating and Aesthetics of Disjunction: A Semiological Reading of Anne Carson’s Decreation

Linguistics and Literary Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,


Author(s): Van Praet, Helena

Dalla guerra alla costruzione della pace. La riflessione filosofica di Simone Weil e Norberto Bobbio

Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo,


Author(s): Prete, Mariangela del

Falling to the Heights: Simone Weil’s Metaxu, Attention and Decreation Through a Lacanian Lens

Union Institute & University,


Author(s): Miller, Christopher Peyton

Fare dell’esistenza un’offerta : L’eternità tra autoctisi e decreazione

Università Ca' Foscari Venezia,

2018, /2019

Author(s): Felici, Giulia

From Gravity to Grace: Finding a Redemptive Voice Among Displaced Christians in Europe

Middlesex University,

2018 : 295

Author(s): Sydnor, Paul N.

How Can a Teacher of Students with SEMHD Unhide Moral Value? (A Wittgenstein-influenced Perspective

Education, University of Southampton,


Author(s): Andrews, Bernard

International Interventions: Rosario Castellanos (1925-1974) and Global Feminist Discourses

Romance Languages, University of Oregon,

2018 : 203

Author(s): Gallo, Erin Louise

It’s Destiny! The Parables of Bowen Systems Theroy and Qualitative Research in determing the Hypostatic Nature of God

Theology, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary,


Author(s): Knott, Catherine Y.E.

Moral Foundations of Natural Resource Economics for the Ecozoic

Georgetown University,


Author(s): Spethmann, Daniel

Prospettive per una metafisica pubblica: John Rawls e Simone Weil a confronto

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele,


Author(s): De Martino, Chiara

Reclaiming Love in the Face of the Void in Iris Murdoch’s Thought

Divinity School, University of Chicago,


Author(s): Lee, Jun Yeon

Rights and Their Intrusion on Freedom in America

Georgetown University,


Author(s): Lubin, Valerie

Simone Weil: Critique of Rights and Impersonal Justice: A Political Philosophy of Obligation

University of Colorado,


Author(s): Linton, Peter Jesse

Simone Weil: Escritura de la gracia, política y Condición obrera

Universidad de los Andes,


Author(s): Galvis, Emilse

Syndicalism, Work and Science in Simone Weil’s Philosophy of Modernity

University of Oxford,


Author(s): Holt, Alice

Teologija križa u misli Simone Weil ( The theology of the cross in the thoght of Simone Weil )

Catholic Faculty of Theology, Sveučilište u Zagrebu,

2018 : 53

Author(s): Bolčić, Dragan

The Critical Spirit: The Pessimistic Heterodoxy of Simone Weil

New School for Social Research, The New School,


Author(s): Ritner, Scott B.