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Conclusion: The Attentive Work of Grace

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Crisis of Meaning, Crisis of Form

Art, Goldsmiths, University of London,


Author(s): Lobo, Francisco Sousa

シモーヌ・ヴェイユにおける問題としての実在 : 『重力と恩寵』を中心に (The Question of the Reality to Simone Weil : Around the Gravity and the Grace)


2016 : 51-77

Author(s): 浅井, 聡 (Asai, Satoshi)

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Martyrs and Players in Early Modern England: Tragedy, Religion and Violence on Stage



Author(s): Anderson, David K.

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Author(s): Anderson, David K.

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The Curious Matter of Time and Space – A Conversation Between Michael Warren and Noel J Brady

Architecture Ireland,


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Author(s): Hamilton, Christopher

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아이리스 머독의 『종』 읽기: 시몬느 베이유의 사상을 중심으로 = A Reading of Iris Murdoch`s The Bell: In the Light of Simone Weil`s Ideas

(현대영미소설 Studies in Modern Fiction,

2004 : 1-24

Author(s): 이혜리 ( Her Rie Lee )

Seamus Heaney’s Religious Redress

Literature and Theology,

2003 : 32-43

Author(s): Dau, Duc

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Ethics and Spirituality at Work, Quorum Books,

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Author(s): Pauchant, Thierry C.

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Philosophy, McMaster,

2001 : v, 108 leaves 28 cm.

Author(s): Sze-Ming Chau, Carolyn Anne

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The Need for Roots

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The Two Simones

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Nehézkedés és kegyelem


1996 : 642-645

Author(s): Pilinszky, János