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La souffrance comme voie d’accès au réel chez Simone Weil et Paul de Tarse

Science et Esprit,

2007 : 61-70

Author(s): Cadrin, Daniel

On Tragic Wisdom

Wrestling with God and with Evil, Rodopi,

2007 : 13-24

Author(s): Tracy, David

Rethinking Justice: Restoring our Humanity

Lexington Books,

2007 : 145

Author(s): Bell, Richard H.

Towards a Sociology of Global Morals With an ‘Emancipatory Intent’

Review of International Studies,

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Author(s): Linklater, Andrew

‘Dancer in the Dark’: Affliction and the aesthetic of attention

Studies in Religion-Sciences Religieuses,

2006 : 85-106

Author(s): Faber, Alyda

Can Politics Practice Compassion?


2006 : 97-123

Author(s): Porter, Elisabeth

Emmanuel Levinas’s Ethic of the Other, Kenosis and the Theodicy Questions

Religious Studies and Theology, Boston University,

2006 : 309

Author(s): Park, Wonbin

L’innocence crucifiée

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2006 : 221-248

Author(s): Sourisse, Michel

Simone Weil’s questions about God

Phenomena of Crisis. The Paschal Dimension of Suffering, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu Wydział Teologiczny,


Author(s): Kotkowska, Elżbieta

Crossing: Simone Weil, Mystics, Politics

Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara,

2005 : 287

Author(s): Robert, William

Flannery O’Connor and Simone Weil: A Question of Sympathy

Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture,

2005 : 102-116

Author(s): Desmond, John F.

Horizons of Grace: Marilynne Robinson and Simone Weil

Philosophy and Literature,

2005 : 349-364

Author(s): Ryan, Katy

La non violenza e la sofferenza di Cristo

Simone Weil: Azione e contemplazione, Effata,

2005 : 27-55

Author(s): Bingemer, Maria Clara L.

La non violenza e la sofferenze del Cristo

Simone Weil: Azione e contemplazione, Effatà,

2005 : 27-55

Author(s): Bingemer, Maria Clara L.

Letter to Simone Weil, With Passages of Time

Longings and Belongings, McArthur and Company,

2005 : 85-108

Author(s): Huston, Nancy

Mystique du Masochisme

Cahiers Jungiens de Pschanalyse,

2005 : 13=23

Author(s): Thibaudier, Viviane

On Work and War: The words and deeds of Dorothy Day and Simone Weil

Liberal Studies, Simon Fraser Univeristy,


Author(s): Pollak, Nancy

Simone Weil and Iris Murdoch: The Possibility of Dialogue

Gender Issues,

2005 : 71-78

Author(s): Bok, Sissela

Simone Weil’s “Human Personality”: Between the Personal and the Impersonal

Harvard Theological Review,

2005 : 187-207

Author(s): Hamilton, Christopher

The Problem of Evil and the Problem of God



Author(s): Phillips, D. Z. (Dewi Zephaniah)

“Gott” die Gewalt, das Böse und das Leiden: Ein Versuch mit Simone Weil

Umgang mit Leid. Cusanische Perspektiven., Roderer,

2004 : 129-152

Author(s): Scheuer, Manfred

A Psycho-spiritual Approach to the Understanding of Masochism

Psychology, Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology,


Author(s): Galasi, Katalin

Ética e mística em simone weil: Agir como escravo contemplando no amor

Theology, Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio De Janeiro,

2004 : 316

Author(s): Juliano, Miguel Ângelo Guimarães

La malattia e la cura in prospettiva etica e antropologica


2004 : 117-136

Author(s): Lizzola, Ivo

The Body of Christ, Broken: Child Sexual Abuse Trauma and the Communion of Compassion

Religion, Emery University,

2004 : 188

Author(s): Webb, Elizabeth Ann

The Trouble with Emptiness

Virginia Review of Asian Studies,

2004 : 1-9

Author(s): Manlowe, Jennifer

Tre modelli di resistenza al femminile: Simone Weil, Edith Stein, Etty Hillesum

Rivista di teologia dell’evangelizzazione,

2004 : 123-136

Author(s): Boschini, Paolo

「食すること」をめぐる苦悩と歓喜 : シモーヌ・ヴェイユの場合 (La souffrance et la joie de <> dans la pensee de Simone Weil)

日本フランス語フランス文学会関東支部論集 (Bulletin d'études de Langue et Littérature Françaises),

2003 : 167-182

Author(s): 鈴木 順子 (Suzuki, Junko)

Falling to pieces, emerging whole: Suffering illness and healing renunciation in the Dge slong ma Dpal mo tradition

Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Committee on the Study of Religion, Harvard University,

2003 : 237

Author(s): Vargas, Ivette Maria

Reading Simone Weil: Its Better to Fade Away

The Philosopher Queen: Feminist Essays on War, Love and Knowledge, Rowman and Littlefield,

2003 : 127-142

Author(s): Cuomo, Chris

Simone Weil and the Impossible: a Radical View of Religion and Culture

Critical Spirit :Theology at the Crossroads of Faith and Culture: Essays in Honour of Gabriel Daly, Columbia Press,

2003 : 208-222

Author(s): Tracy, David

Simone Weil: A Study in Moral Psychology and Observations on Religious Life

Philosophy, Concordia University,

2003 : 116

Author(s): Kerkhoven, John

The Practice of Attention: Simone Weil’s Performance of Impersonality

Critical Inquiry,

2003 : 216-252

Author(s): Cameron, Sharon

The Vocation of the Cross: Simone Weil’s Theodicy

Saint Austin Review,

2003 : 8-11

Author(s): Meaney, Marie Cabaud

Joë Bousquet et Simone Weil, le corps, l’exil et l’excès

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2002 : 18-24

Author(s): Barasc, Katy

Simone Weil – Joë Bousquet: Croisement de destins

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2002 : 1-17

Author(s): Gualino, Anne-Marie

Spiritual Apprenticeship

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2002 : 325-44

Author(s): Springsted, Eric O.

Anorexie mentale et conduite sacrificielle. Réflexion sur l’itinéraire de Simone Weil

Annales médico-psychologiques,

2001 : 615-621

Author(s): Pewzner-Apeloig, E.

George Grant and the Theology of the Cross: the Christian Foundations of his Thought

University of Toronto Press,


Author(s): Athanasiadis, Harris

Simone Weil’s Last Journey


2001 : 7-14

Author(s): Tastard, Terry

The experience of affliction and the possibility of love in the life and thought of Simone Weil

Religious Studies, McGill University,


Author(s): Athanasiadis, Nicholas

Conscience du mal(heur) et charité de l’écriture

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2000 : 129-144

Author(s): Marchetti, Adriano

Evil, Death, Suffering

Discussions of Simone Weil, State University of New York Press,

2000 : 169-183

Author(s): Rhees, Rush

Justice as Structure and Strategy of Peace

Peacemaking: Lessons from the Past, Visions for the Future, Rodofi,

2000 : 51-73

Author(s): Peter-Raoul, Mar


Discussions of Simone Weil, State University of New York Press,

2000 : 105-126

Author(s): Rhees, Rush

On the Suffering of God’s Chosen: Christian Views in Jewish Terms

Christianity in Jewish Terms, Westview Press,

2000 : 203-220

Author(s): Batnitzky, Leora

Suffering as Theodicy

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2000 : 413-433

Author(s): Arp, Robert

La filosofia religiosa de Simone Weil

Revista de filosofía,

1999 : 35-58

Author(s): Dolby Múgica, María del Carmen

Simone Weil’s God: A Radical Christianity for the Secular World

Divinity School, University of Chicago,

1999 : 367

Author(s): McCullough, Lissa Jean

Suffering in the Cosmos: The Redemption of Evil in Levinas and Weil

Philosophical Writings,

1999 : 69-79

Author(s): Hamblet, Wendy C.