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Confronting Suffering with Narrative Theory, Constructed Selfhood and Control: Critical Perspectives by Simone Weil and Buddhist Metaphysics

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Author(s): Aaltola, Elisa

The Practice of Attention in the Workplace: Phenomenological Accounts of Lived Experience

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Author(s): Bülow, Charlotte von

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Author(s): Gehring, Stephanie

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Author(s): Damen, Annelieke

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Author(s): Ruiz Jiménez, Juan Manuel

The Divided Self

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Author(s): Kekes, John

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Author(s): Betcher, Sharon V.

Decreation as Substitution: Reading Simone Weil Through Levinas

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Author(s): Reed, Robert Charles

Dying to Self and Detachment



Author(s): Kellenberger, James

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An Ethical Account of the Self Who Might Be Otherwise: Simone Weil and Judith Butler

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Author(s): Gayman, Cynthia Jane

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The Relevance of the Radical: Simone Weil 100 Years Later, Continuum,

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Author(s): Pinnock, Sarah K.

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Simone Weil on the Self


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Author(s): Feldman, Sarah

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Author(s): Hermida, J. Ranilo B.

A Simulacrum of Workplace Community: Individualism and Engineered Culture


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Author(s): Ezzy, Douglas

Devoured by God: Cannibalism, Mysticism, and Ethics in Simone Weil


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Author(s): Avery, Desmond, Sayers, Janet


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Author(s): Hermsen, Joke J.


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Author(s): Lipson, Michael, Lipson, Abigail