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Simone Weil’s Incandescent life

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Bassani e Hawthorne

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Poetry on Screen: Poetry in Transition, Lingering in Cyberspace

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Simone Weil e il mistero della grazia: Due testimonianze sulla sua fede cristiana: Don Georges Frénaud, O.S.B. e Flannery O’Connor

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Author(s): Doering, E. Jane

Simone Weil: Dialectic of Apparent Opposites

The collected writings of Jon Thompson, Ridinghouse,

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The Body Wounded by History: Elsa Morante, Between Western and Oriental Spirituality / La ferita inflitta sul corpo dalla Storia: Elsa Morante fra spiritualità occidentale e orientale



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Author(s): Canciani, Domenico

Simone Weil and the time of the soul

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Author(s): Bush, Clive

Simone Weil ispirò Rossellini

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Author(s): Cooper, Lisa Anne

Simone Weil’s Rediscovered Jewish Inspiration

The Jewish Daily Forward,


Author(s): Ivry, Benjamin

Techniques, technologies, apprentissage et plaisir au travail…

Techniques & Culture,

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Author(s): Sigaut, François

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Philosophy, Università Ca' Foscari,

2008 : 178

Author(s): Rocca, Elena

Essai sur la réception de la pensée de Simone Weil au Japon

慶應義塾大学日吉紀要. フランス語フランス文学 (Revue de Hiyoshi. Langue et littérature françaises),

2008 : 153-170

Author(s): 今村, 純子 (Imamura, Junko)

God in His Mercy: A Letter to Father J.M. Perrin, May 15, 1942


2008 : 48-56

Author(s): Weil, Simone, Springsted, Eric O.

Gravity and Grace in Geoffrey Hill

Essays in Criticism,

2008 : 237-56

Author(s): MacFarlane, Robvert

Hommage à Simone Weil

Galeria Starmach,


Author(s): Borowski, Wieslaw

The Influence of Jacques Ellul, Martin Heidegger and Simone Weil on George Grant’s Changing Understanding of Technology

Religious Studies, McMaster University,

2008 : 211

Author(s): Muncaster, Andrew

The Moment of a Bird’s Cry: A Note on Wallace Stevens and Simone Weil

Wallace Stevens Journal,

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Author(s): Gutorow, Jacek

Thinking in the present: Memory and the aesthetics of the ephemeral in contemporary Catalan theater



Author(s): Duprey, Jennifer

‘Between the Blank Page and the Poem’: Reading Simone Weil in Contemporary American Poets

Cambridge Quarterly,

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Author(s): Fan, Kit

Alred Kazin: A Biography

Yale University Press,


Author(s): Cook, Richard M.

Cristina Campo


2007 : 101-112

Author(s): Marchadier, Bernard

Enraciner L’Europe: une lecture de Simone Weil

Reconnaître ce qui nous lie : l’identité européenne, Notre Europe: Institut Jacques Delors,


Author(s): Ruiz Jiménez, Juan Manuel

Evolution and Conversion: Dialogues on the Origins of Culture



Author(s): Girard, René, Antonello, Pierpaolo, Castro Rocha, Joao Cezar de

Quelques notes sur la réception des œuvres de Simone Weil en Espagne

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2007 : 163-172

Author(s): Herrando, Carmen

Simone Weil na Universidade de São Paulo

Testemunhas do século XX : Mounier, Weil e Silone, Uapê,

2007 : 67-73

Author(s): Bosi, Ecléa

Denis Johnson’s Postmodern Lazarus: Transforming faith in Resuscitation of a Hanged Man

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Author(s): Gronstad, Asbjørn

Ethics: Twelve Lectures on the Philosophy of Morality

Harvard University Press,


Author(s): Wiggins, David

Praying to an Absent God: The Poetic Revealing of Simone Weil

Culture, Theory & Critique, Routledge,

2006 : 133-147

Author(s): Baker, Timothy C.

The “Dragon of Unreality” against the “Dream of a Thing”: On Morante and Pasolini

Under Arturo's Star: The Cultural Legacies of Elsa Morante, Purdue University Press,

2006 : 290-309

Author(s): La Porta, Filippo

The Reception of French Catholic Intellectuals in Britain after the Second World War

French Cultural Studies,

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Author(s): Kelly, Michael