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Suffering at Work: Simone Weil

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La compasión por la fragilidad: un nuevo patriotismo

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Reading Simone Weil in East London: Destitution, Decreation and the History of Force

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Simone Weil and the Iliad

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Sleeping Soldiers: On Sleep and War

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Vulnerabilidad y violencia en el «Prologue» de Simone Weil

Aurora: papeles del "Seminario María Zambrano",

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What is ‘la force’ in Simone Weil’s Iliad?

Philosophical Investigations,

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A “No” That Is an Affirmation: Etty Hillesum and Simone Weil Against the Laws of Force

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Michel Serres et Simone Weil: un même combat contre la force

L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora,


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Piccarda’s Weakness: Reflections on Freedom, Force and Femininity in Dante’s Paradiso


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Reading Simone Weil in East London: Destitution, Decreation and the History of Force


2019 : 113-131

Author(s): Rowlands, Anna

The Problem of Force: Simone Weil

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Wuthering Heights in Context: Hermeneutic Singularity in Traditions of Narrative/ Cumbres Borrascosas en Contexto: Singularidad Hermenéutica en Tradiciones Narrativas

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Baroque Sarabande

Philippe Rey,


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In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp: Childhood, Philosophy and Education

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La sociedad impune como distopia postdictatorial


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Temporality, Dispossession and the Search for the Good: Interpreting the Book of Jeremiah with the Jesuit Refugee Service

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“Oltre la forza”

Pensare il presente con Simone Weil, Effata Editrice,

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I diritti: un impedimento per la giustizia? La lexione di Simone Weil

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Simone Weil i la seva aportació vital i intel·lectual al projecte personalista (en commemoració del 75 aniversari de la seva mort, l’any 1943)

Ars Brevis,


Author(s): LLorca Arimany, Albert

Sotto l’impero della forza

Pensare il presente con Simone Weil, Effata Editrice,

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Compassion, Necessity and the Pharmakon of the Health Humanities

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Author(s): Castelli, Alberto

Simone Weil l’altissime

Lemieux éditeur,


Author(s): L'Yvonnet, François

Situating Scamander: ‘Natureculture’ in the Iliad


2015 : 29-51

Author(s): Holmes, Brooke

Sulle orme del bene: Giustizia e necessità nelle opere di Simone Weil

Università Ca’Foscari,


Author(s): Piol, Davide

Youth Graffiti Vandalism : Liminal Perspectives in the Light of Masculinity, Social Contract Theory and Transformative Process

College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville,


Author(s): Frabetti, Alton C.

Analyses croisées du monde du travail: À partir des films des Groupes Medvedkine, de la pensée de Simone Weil et Hannah Arendt et de la théorie de la magie chez Pierre Bourdieu et Jean-Paul Sartre

Cahiers du GRM,


Author(s): Smette, Bernard

La noche más oscura: Simone Weil, la experienciamística y la desdicha; hacia una ontoteologíadebilitada

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Simone Weil : un pensiero accogliente

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The Aesthetics of the Ephemeral: Memory Theaters in Contemporary Barcelona

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Comparative Literature, The University at Buffalo, State University of New York,

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Thee Ethics of Pregnancy: Towards an Integrated Approach

2014 : 485-503

Author(s): Haldane, John

‘Misfortune’s Image’: The Cinematic Representation of Trauma in Robert Bresson’s Mouchette (1967)


2013 : 154-176

Author(s): Cresswell, Mark, Karimova, Zulfia