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Der immer fremde Christus. Simone Weils interkulturelle Spurensuche als apophatische Theologie

Intercultural Philosophy: Journal for Philosophy in its Cultural Context,

2020 : 49-65

Author(s): Sojer, Thomas

Religious Language, Meaning, and Use : The God Who Is Not There

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Author(s): Bolger, Robert K., Coburn, Robert C.

Weerspannige liefde: Een poging tot theologische introspectie

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Author(s): Borgman, Erik

When Fiction and Philosophy Meet: A Conversation with Flannery O’Connor and Simone Weil

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Author(s): Doering, E. Jane, Johansen, Ruthann Knechel

Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality



Author(s): Pally, Marica

From the Cave to the Cross: The Cruciform Theology of George P. Grant and Simone Weil

St. Macrina Press,


Author(s): Jersak, Bradley

The Continuing Legacy of Simone Weil

Rowman & Littlefield,


Author(s): Pollard, David

Simone Weil: mystique chrétienne hors de l’Église

Ithaque ,

2014 : 113-132

Author(s): Mead, Léa

Ermeneutica Religiosa Weiliana


Author(s): Caruso, Danilo

Ist “glauben” wirklich so seltsam?

Religion gibt zu denken : eine Religionsdidaktik in 19 Lehrstücken, Kosel,

2013 : 327-342

Author(s): Englert, Rudolf

L’universalismo dell’amore nel cristianesimo di Simone Weil

Prospettiva Persona,

2013 : 9-17

Author(s): Canevari, Matteo

Simone Weil and the Theo-poetics of Compassion

Modern Theology,

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Author(s): Hollingsworth, Andrea

Simone Weil: Ambivalence in Search of God

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2013 : 131-147

Author(s): François, Anne M.

The Sacred Object: Anne Carson and Simone Weil

Acta Poetica,


Author(s): Coles, Elizabeth

Theology After Bas Jan Ader

Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts,

2013 : 69-72

Author(s): Lobo, Francisco Sousa

Theology as an Intellectual Vocation: Some Thoughts on the Theo-logical Vision of Simone Weil

International Journal of Public Theology,

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Author(s): Bingemer, Maria Clara L.

Simone Weil (1909-1943): Philosophie de la médiation et théologie de la Croix

Philosophie et théologie à l’époque contemporaine, Cerf,

2011 : 207-218

Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

Ku metodzie integralnej w teologii fundamentalnej : sposoby konstruowania interdyscyplinarnych działań w poszukiwaniu locorum theologicorum : zastosowanie i weryfikacja na przykładzie życia i twórczości Simone Weil

Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza. Wydział Teologiczny,


Author(s): Kotkowska, Elżbieta

La crise de l’inter-Esse moderne, entre ‘chosification’ et relativisme éthique: Augusto Del Noce, lecteur de Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

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Author(s): Di Salvatore, Graziella

Mystery and Philosophy

The Relevance of the Radical: Simone Weil 100 Years Later, Continuum,

2010 : 91-104?

Author(s): Springsted, Eric O.

Consent to be Creature: Politics & Creatureliness in Simone Weil’s Theological Cosmology

Theological Studies, Vancouver School of Theology,

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Author(s): Marovich, Beatrice

The Asceticism of Work: Simone Weil

The Ascetic Self : Subjectivity, Memory, and Tradition, Cambridge University Press,

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Author(s): Flood, Gavin D.

The Unity of Spiritual and Political Exercises in Simone Weil’s Call for a New Saintliness: Being, Thinking and Doing in the Quest for the Good

Theology, The Catholic University of America,

2003 : 676

Author(s): Ross, Michael D.

シモーヌ・ヴェイユのキリスト教――十字架の普遍性と現代的意義 (Le christianisme chez Simone Weil ― l’universalité et la signification moderne de la Croix)

宗教哲学研究 (Studies in the Philosophy of Religion),

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Author(s): 松原詩乃 (Matsubara, Shino)

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Cahiers Simone Weil,

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Author(s): Müller, Wolfgang W.

Une relecture théologique de l’expérience mystique chez Simone Wei

Cahiers Simone Weil,

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Author(s): Müller, Wolfgang W.

Der Wunsch nach dem Sakrament als Impuls gegenwärtiger Sakramententheologie

Für euch Bischof, mit euch Christ :Festschrift für Friedrich Kardinal Wetter zum siebzigsten Geburtstag, EOS Verlag,

1998 : 663-674

Author(s): Müller, Wolfgang W.

Theology and Spirituality : Or, Why Religion Is Not Critical Reflection on Religious Experience

The Princeton Seminary Bulletin,

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Author(s): Springsted, Eric O.

“Thou hast given me room” : Simone Weil’s Retheologization of the Political

Cahiers Simone Weil,

1997 : 87-98

Author(s): Springsted, Eric O.

Spiritual Theology : The Theology of Yesterday for Spiritual Help Today

Cowley Publications,

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Author(s): Allen, Diogenes

Contradiction, Mystery and the Use of Words in Simone Weil

The Beauty That Saves: Essays on Aesthetics and Language in Simone Weil, Mercer University Press,

1996 : 13-29

Author(s): Springsted, Eric O.