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Ethical Humans: Life, Love, Labour, Learning and Loss



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Attention and Meaning in the Democratic Group Life

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Author(s): Yeoman, Ruth

Soggettività e potere : ontologia delle vulnerabilità in Simone Weil

Quodlibet studio. Filosofia e politica, Quodibet,


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The Rarer Action’: Winch goes to Maharbaleshwar

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Fulvio Manara: una bandiera spostata

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Simone Weil’s Analysis of Oppression: From La Boétie to the Neoliberal Present

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El cuerpo de Electra: una lectura política de la tragedia

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Evil and Human Dignity: Simone Weil on Power and Violence: A Philosophical Discourse

History as a Challenge to Buddhism and Christianity, EOS,

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Political Ethic, Violence and Defeat

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Author(s): Vásquez-Arroyo, Antonio Y.

Simone Weil : un pensiero accogliente

Ethos, Levante editori,


Author(s): Di Iasio, Biagio

Laulu ja amor mundi : tutkimus laulusta eräänä maailmasta huolehtimisen perusaktiviteettina

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Author(s): Pietikäinen, Maija

A Truer Liberty : Simone Weil and Marxism


2010 : 346

Author(s): Blum, Lawrence A., Seidler, Victor Jeleniewski

Angela sui tetti della città e la filosfia presa sul serio

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Il potere e la città. Riflessioni su “Venezia Salva”


2010 : 142-150

Author(s): Di Nicola, Giulia Paola

L’immagionario del potere e la differenza sessuale

Esercizi di composizione per Angela Putino: Filosofia, differenza sessuale e politica, Liguori Editore,

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Author(s): Tommasi, Wanda

Power, Subjectivity and Resistance in the Thought of Simone Weil and Michel Foucault

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Author(s): Duttenhaver, Krista, Jones, Coy D.

Simone Weil’s Iliad: The Power of Words

The Review of Politics,

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Author(s): Hammer, Dean, Kicey, Michael

シモーヌ・ヴェイユの思想における力の概念と悪の問題 (The Concept of Power and the Problem of Evil in Simone Weil’s Thought)

University of Kyoto,


Author(s): 辻村 暁子 (Tsujimura, Satoko)

Hannah Arendt’s Political Theology of Democratic Life

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Geometries of Force in Homer’s Iliad: Two Readings


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