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Transcendent Rebellion: The Influence of Simone Weil on Albert Camus’ Esthetics

Perspectives on Political Science,

2022 : 33-43

Author(s): Bunn, Philip D.

La fraternità tra Gaya e Zambrano: autenticità nella creazione

Monteagudo: Revista de literatura española, hispanoamericana y teoría de la literatura26,

2021 : 161-174

Author(s): Laurenzi, Elena

Repositioning Simone Weil and Roberto Esposito: Life, the Impersonal and the Renunciant Obligation of the Good

Roberto Esposito: New Directions in Biophilosophy, Edinburgh University Pres,

2021 : 193-207

Author(s): Calcagno, Antonio

Sheila Watson as a Reader of Simone Weil: Decreation, Affliction, and Metaxu in The Double Hook

University of Toronto Quarterly,

2021 : 669-690

Author(s): Pinder, Kait

“Ladies and Gents, Ladies and Gents” – Mary McCarthy, Elizabeth Bishop and Female Autobiographies in American Postwar Literature

Women’s Studies: An Inter-disciplinary Journal,

2020 : 405-425

Author(s): Inhoff, Marcel

“Pleasure and Joy in the Work”: Using Simone Weil in the Classroom

Philosophical Investigations,

2020 : 8-18

Author(s): Morgan, Vance G.

An Apple Out of Reach: The Unattainable Ideal Beloved and Sappho’s Poetics in the Poetry of Marguerite Yourcenar and Anne Carson



Author(s): Mylrea, Colin

André Naud: From Vatican II to Simone Weil

Philosophical Investigations,

2020 : 115-121

Author(s): Schmidt, Lawrence E.

Narrating Intensity: History and Emotions in Elsa Morante, Goliarda Sapienza and Elena Ferrante

City University of New York,


Author(s): Porcelli, Stefania

On the Differences Between Rush Rhees and Simone Weil

Philosophical Investigations,

2020 : 71-75

Author(s): Mounce, H. O.

Perception and Prejudice: Attention and Moral Progress in Iris Murdoch’s Philosophy and C. S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed

Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas,

2020 : 259-279

Author(s): Forsberg, Niklas

The Elusiveness of the Ethical: From Murdoch to Diamond

Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement,

2020 : 181-200

Author(s): Lovibond, Sabina

The History of the Poetic Mind of János Pilinszky

Hungarian Cultural Studies. e-Journal of the American Hungarian Educators Association,

2020 : 98-110

Author(s): Szmeskó, Gábor

The Logic of the Rebel: On Simone Weil and Albert Camus

Los Angeles Review of Books,


Author(s): Zaretsky, Robert

The Steadfast Attention of Sigrid Nunez

Sewanee Review,

2020 : 640-665

Author(s): Menon, Tara K.

Weil and Wittgenstein in Winch’s “Reading”: Philosophy as a Way of Life

Ethics, Society and Politics: Themes from the Philosophy of Peter Winch, Springer,

2020 : 149-165

Author(s): Recchia Luciani, Francesca R.

“Better Than a Great Many Good Works”: Jenny Erpenbeck’s Go, Went, Gone and the Primacy of Attention in Human Rights Practice

Journal of Human Rights Practice,

2019 : 406-421

Author(s): Phillips, Brian

Attention: Thomas A. Clark and Simone Weil

Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry,

2019 : 1-16

Author(s): Kotva, Simone

L’enracinement de Jean-Pierre Issenhuth

Études littéraires,

2019 : 165-176

Author(s): Mainguy, Thomas

La problématique du déracinement

La Distance et la Mémoire. Essai d'interprétation de l'oeuvre de Fernand Dumont, Presses de l’université Laval,

2019 : 45-61

Author(s): Cantin, Serge

La Simone Weil di Augusto Del Noce


2019 : 317-328

Author(s): Villani, Natascia

Michel Serres et Simone Weil: un même combat contre la force

L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora,


Author(s): Dufresne, Jacques

Moving Images of Eternity: George Grant’s Critique of Time, Teaching and Technology

University of Ottawa Press,


Author(s): Pinar, William F.

Odległość wymiarem miłości – szkic o poezji Jana Twardowskiego i jego inspiracji filozofią Simone Weil

Język – Szkoła – Religia,

2019 : 23-39

Author(s): Bohdziewicz-Sulecka, Beate

Reading Coetzee’s Women

Palgrave Macmillan,


Author(s): Kosseu, Sue, Harvey, Melinda

Simone Weil and Theatre: From Attention to the Descending Way

Stanislavski Studies: Practice, Legacy and Contemporary Theatre,

2019 : 177-200

Author(s): Campo, Giuliano

The Apophatic Pilgrim: Simone Weil and Fanny Howe

Quo Anima: spirituality and innovation in contemporary women’s poetry, University of Akron Press,

2019 : 6-22

Author(s): Teare, Brian

The Rudeness and Reverence of Geoffrey Hill’s Mariology

Literature and Theology,

2019 : 150-165

Author(s): Russell, Jesse

Weil Simone 1909-1943

Dictionnaire François Mauriac, Honoré Champion,

2019 : 1163-1164

Author(s): Touzot, Jean

When Fiction and Philosophy Meet: A Conversation with Flannery O’Connor and Simone Weil

Mercer University Press,


Author(s): Doering, E. Jane, Johansen, Ruthann Knechel

‘The Best Moralists are the Most Satanic’: Iris Murdoch – On Art and Life

Murdoch on Truth and Love, Palgrave Macmillan,

2018 : 21-42

Author(s): Rowe, Anne

Coagulating and Aesthetics of Disjunction: A Semiological Reading of Anne Carson’s Decreation

Linguistics and Literary Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,


Author(s): Van Praet, Helena

Dorothee Soelle (German, 1929-2003)

The Palgrave Handbook of Radical Theology, Palgrave Macmillan,

2018 : 367-380

Author(s): Pinnock, Sarah K.

Girard Among Theologians

René Girard and the Non-Violent God, University of Notre Dame Press,

2018 : 84-114

Author(s): Cowdell, Scott

In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp: Childhood, Philosophy and Education

Routledge International Studies in the Philosophy of Education, Routledge,


Author(s): Gregory, Maughn Rollins, Laverty, Megan Jane

International Interventions: Rosario Castellanos (1925-1974) and Global Feminist Discourses

Romance Languages, University of Oregon,

2018 : 203

Author(s): Gallo, Erin Louise

Iris Murdoch and the Quality of Consciousness

Murdoch on Truth and Love, Palgrave Macmillan,

2018 : 43-61

Author(s): Lovibond, Sabina

Mimetic Theory, Anthropology and Theology: On the Distinctive Method of René Girard

St. Mark's Review,

2018 : 41-57

Author(s): Cowdell, Scott

Murdoch on Truth and Love

Philosophers in Depth, Palgrave Macmillan,


Author(s): Browning, Gary

Réflexions sur la vulgarisation politique de Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2018 : 85-90

Author(s): Chenavier, Robert

Roberto Esposito: Biopolitics and Philosophy

SUNY Series in Contemporary Italian Philosophy, SUNY Press,


Author(s): Viriasova, Inna, Calcagno, Antonio

The “Hellenic” Rationality of Interreligious Dialogue: René Girard, Simone Weil and Pope Benedict XVI

Mimetic Theory and World Religions, Michigan State University Press,

2018 : 279-299

Author(s): Astell, Ann W.

The Real of Ethics: On a Widespread Misconception

Unconscious Incarnations: Psychoanalytic and Philosophical Perspectives on the Body, Routledge,

2018 : 82-83

Author(s): De Kesel, Marc

Towards a Feminist Philosophy of Education: Simone Weil on Force, Goodness, Work, Method and Time

In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp: Childhood, Philosophy and Education, Routledge,

2018 : 145-158

Author(s): Sharp, Ann Margaret, Gregory, Maughn Rollins

Transcending the Tribalism of the Culture Wars Spectrum

Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought,

2018 : 685-704

Author(s): Jersak, Brad

“Nothing now but Kestrel”: Simone Weil, Iris Murdoch and the Cinema of Letting Be

Iris Murdoch Review,

2017 : 45-53

Author(s): Pick, Anat

Agape: oder die uferlose Liebe

Liebe: Eine kleine Philosophie, Diogenes,

2017 : 122-148

Author(s): Comte-Sponville, André

Anthropogenic Redress: An Ideological Framework for Confrontation and Praxis

English, Western Carolina University,


Author(s): Foote, Alexandra Mae

Bound to be Free: The Paradox of Freedom



Author(s): Tomlin, Graham

Breaching the Barrier of the Mask: Iris Murdoch, Simone Weil and the Construction of Visual Metaphor

Iris Murdoch Review,

2017 : 38-44

Author(s): Boden, Rebecca