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Transcendence, Creation and Incarnation: From Philosophy to Religion



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La praxis de la encarnación en el pensaiento de Simone Weil

Cuestiones Teológicas,

2019 : 165-190

Author(s): Muenala Valverde, Galo Patricio

Pesanteur, Grâce et Incarnation: De Simone Weil à Giotto et retour


2015 : 595-614

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Il “credo” di Simone Weil

Le Lettere,


Author(s): Moser, Sabina

Gravity and Grace: Seamus Heaney and the Force of Light

Studies in Christianity and Literature, Baylor University Press,


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Simone Weil and Gerard Manley Hopkins on God, Affliction, Necessity and Sacrifice

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Simone Weil: la pienezza paradossale della Kenosis

Lo stupore del bello: Lineamenti di una filosofia estetica, Polistampa,

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The Cross: Simone Weil’s Hyperchristianity

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Author(s): Biles, Jeremy

War, Suffering and Detachment: Reading the Bhagavad Gītā with Simone Weil

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Author(s): Bingemer, Maria Clara L.

Albert Camus, Simone Weil and the Absurd

Irish Theological Quarterly,

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Simone Weil and the Divine Poetry of Mathematics

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Les temps comme chair et incarnation

Radicalité et passibilité. Pour une phénoménologie pratique, L'Harmattan,

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Evil, Death, Suffering

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The Cathar Mysticism of Simone Weil

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