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In the Beginning was the Deed

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Author(s): Cockburn, David

The Rarer Action’: Winch goes to Maharbaleshwar

Philosophical Investigations,

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Weil and Wittgenstein in Winch’s “Reading”: Philosophy as a Way of Life

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A Meeting of the Conceptual and the Natural: Wittgenstein on Learning a Sensation-Language

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Simone Weil – A Postmetaphysical Thinker? Some Reflections on How to Interpret Her Work

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In the Beginning Was the Deed

Philosophical Investigations,

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Author(s): Cockburn, David

Etica dei doveri e doveri dell’etica

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Author(s): Recchia Luciani, Francesca R.

Etica dei doveri e doveri dell’etica

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Author(s): Recchia Luciani, Francesca R.

Peter Winch on Political Authority and Political Culture

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Politics and ‘The Fragility of the Ethico-Cultural’

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“The Interval of Hesitation”: Peter Winch’s Simone Weil

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Simone Weil: The Way of Justice as Compassion

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