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Cristina Campo, una « filatrice d’inesprimibile » Il valore simbolico della fiaba nel processo cognitivo di una mistica del nostro tempo


2017 : 393-407

Author(s): Paroli, Elena

Dimensionen Des Aufmerksamkeitsbegriffs Nach Simone Weil In Cartesianischer Und Phänomenologischer Tradition


2017 : 1-26

Author(s): Kühn, Rolf


Iris Murdoch Review,

2017 : 4-8

Author(s): Bolton, Lucy

Iris Murdoch and the Varieties of Virtue Ethics

Varieties of Virtue Ethics, Palgrave Macmillan,

2017 : 89-104

Author(s): Baniki, Konrad

Iris Murdoch’s First Encounters with Simone Weil

Iris Murdoch Review,

2017 : 17-20

Author(s): Broackes, Justin

Marcel and Derrida: Christian Existentialism and the Genesis of Deconstruction

Living Existentialism: Essays in Honor of Thomas W. Busch, Wipof and Stock,

2017 : 3-23

Author(s): Caputo, John

Mysticism, Girard and Simone Weil

Palgrave Handbook of Mimetic Theory and Religion, Palgrave Macmillan,

2017 : 249-255

Author(s): Astell, Ann W.

Novel Wars: David Malouf and the Invention of the Iliad

Memory and the Wars on Terror: Australian and British Perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan,

2017 : 125-143

Author(s): Whiting, Kezia

Selected Writings of Maurice O’Connor Drury : On Wittgenstein, Philosophy, Religion and Psychiatry.



Author(s): O'Connor Drury, Maurice, Hayes, John

Slight Exaggeration

Farrar, Straus and Giroux,


Author(s): Zagajewski, Adam

The Essential Connection Between Human Value and Saintly Behavior

Journal of Value Inquiry,

2017 : 123-140

Author(s): Coghlan, Simon

Throwness, Attunement, Attention: A Heideggerian Account of Responsibility

Philosophy, University of Essex,

2017 : 234

Author(s): Cowles, Darshan

Üröm és ánizs. Ószabó István: Üröm és ánizs – Töredékek Simone Weilhez írt leveleimből.

Partium: irodalmi, művészeti folyóirat,

2017 : 98-101

Author(s): Támba, Renátó

Violence and Religion: A Complex Relationship

Religion and Violence: Muslim and Christian Theological and Pedagogical Reflections, Springer,

2017 : 41-54

Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Violence, Mysticism and René Girard

Theological Studies,

2017 : 389-411

Author(s): Astell, Ann W.

“Whatever Else We Call It”: The Great Price of Secular Sainthood in Mary Gordon’s Pearl

Religion & Literature,

2016 : 1-25

Author(s): Wallace, Cynthia

Craft as a Place of Knowing in Natural Law

Studies in Christian Ethics,

2016 : 386-408

Author(s): McCarthy, David M., Pinches, Charles R.

Entretiens avec Gustave Thibon

Desclee de Brouwer,


Author(s): Barthelet, Philippe

I romanzi di Elsa Morante: Scrittura, poesia ed etica

Agora & Co,


Author(s): Garrido, Elisa Martinez

La rebeliones de la virgen roja, sobre Simone Weil

Descolonizar el lenguaje, Los Libros de la Mujer Rota,

2016 : 115-117

Author(s): Souza, Patricia de

Lessons of Murdochian Attention


2016 : 197-213

Author(s): Cordner, Christopher

Love and Welfare

The Need for Roots, Centre for Welfare Reform,


Author(s): Duffy, Simon


Critical Criminology,

2016 : 375-391

Author(s): DeValve, Michael

Manuel Sacristán at the Onset of Ecological Marxism after Stalinism

Capitalism Nature Socialism,

2016 : 32-50

Author(s): Tello, Enric

Moral Attention: A Comparative Philosophical Study

Journal of Moral Education,

2016 : 373-386

Author(s): Gendron, Claude

Political Mysticism and Political Theology of Dorothee Sölle

Studies in Spirituality,

2016 : 331-344

Author(s): Song, Bin

Reaching Toward the Light: Loving the (New) World

Theology and the Films of Terrence Malick, Routledge,

2016 : 187-204

Author(s): Elliston, Clark J.

Rev. of How to Be an Intellectual, by Jeffrey J. Williams

The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal,

2016 : article 6

Author(s): Doughty, Howard A.

Saints, Scandals, and the Politics of Love: Simone Weil, Ingrid Bergman, Roberto Rossellini

SubStance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism,

2016 : 16-32

Author(s): During, Lisabeth

Selfless love and Human Flourishing in Paul Tillich and Irish Murdoch

Oxford University Press,


Author(s): Meszaros, Julia T.

Simone Weil (1909-1943)

Routledge Encyclopaedia of Educational Thinkers, Routledge,


Author(s): Smith, Richard

The ‘Poem of Force’ in Australia: David Malouf, Ransom and Chloe Hooper, The Tall Man

Ancient Greek Myth in World Fiction since 1989, Bloomsbury Academic,

2016 : 195-209

Author(s): Reynolds, Magaret

The Space to See: Law and the Ethical Imagination

Moral Imagination and the Legal Life: Beyond Text in Legal Education, Routledge,

2016 : 11-32

Author(s): Bańkowski, Zenon

Una aproximación a la cosmovisión y a la historia de occidente en la obra ensayística de Czeslaw Milosz

Filologia Romanica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid,


Author(s): Riquelme Ribas, Joaquin

What Should Religious Education Aim to Achieve?: An Investigation into the Purpose of Religious Education in the Public Sphere

University of Stirling,


Author(s): Hannam, Patricia M.

Alice Rivaz: Devenir romancière

Editions Suzanne Hurter,


Author(s): Cossy, Valérie

Creaturely Texts, Tests on Creatures

European Journal of English Studies,

2015 : 111-122

Author(s): Bouttier, Sarah

Dialogical Interspecies Ethics: Ataraxia, Desire and Hope in the Post-Human World of Anne Carson’s Pastoral

The Goose,


Author(s): Bristow, Thomas

Elsa Morante’s Politics of Writing: Rethinking Subjectivity, History, and the Power of Art

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press,


Author(s): Lucamante, Stefania

From the Cave to the Cross: The Cruciform Theology of George P. Grant and Simone Weil

St. Macrina Press,


Author(s): Jersak, Bradley

How to Think Theologically About Rights

The Work of Theology, Eerdmans,

2015 : 191-207

Author(s): Hauerwas, Stanley

Is EU Cross-border Cooperation Ethical? Reading Cross-border Cooperation Through the ‘Needs for Roots’ by Simone Weil


2015 : 485-512

Author(s): Nadalutti, Elisabetta

Lok(ing) at the Animals: The Presence of the Animal in Contemporary Southern Cone Cinema and in Carlos Busqued’s Bajo este sol tremendo

Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies,

2015 : 33-46

Author(s): Los Rios, Valeria de

Passion and Precision: Collected Essays on English Poetry from Geoffrey Chaucer to Geoffrey Hill

Cambridge Scholars Publishing,


Author(s): Schmidt, A. V. C.

Reduce Ourselves to Zero?: Sabina Lovibond, Iris Murdoch and Feminism


2015 : 743-759

Author(s): Hämäläinen, Nora

Spotkanie z Simoe Weil

Losowi na przekór, Agora,

2015 : 128-132

Author(s): Wielowieyski, Andrzej

The Continuing Legacy of Simone Weil

Rowman & Littlefield,


Author(s): Pollard, David

The Importance of Attention in Morality: an Exploration of Iris Murdoch’s philosophy

Philosophy, University of East Anglia,

2015 : 230

Author(s): Panizza, Silvia

Vide, croix et kénose. Simone Weil et Stanislas Breton

Philosophie et mystique chez Stanislas Breton, Cerf,

2015 : 177-194

Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

Walking Toward the Call of Beauty: Beauty and Affect in Badami

McMaster University,

2015 : 93

Author(s): Apong, Andrew Elliot