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The Hands of Simone Weil

Critical Inquiry,

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Author(s): Meltzer, Françoise

The Non-totalizing Gaze of Faith : Towards a Religious Ethic of Attention

Philosophy, McMaster,

2001 : v, 108 leaves 28 cm.

Author(s): Sze-Ming Chau, Carolyn Anne

Justice and the Betrayal of Freedom: On Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil and Emmanuel Levinas

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale,


Author(s): Gayman, Cynthia Jane

The Measure of Justice: The Language of Limit as Key to Simone Weil’s Political Philosophy

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The Temporal and the Eternal

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Bad Girls, Bad Reputations: Feminist Ethics and Postfeminism

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Author(s): Parkins, Wendy

La politique de la perception

Cahiers Simone Weil,

1999 : 153-64

Author(s): Springsted, Eric O.

Realism and Faith in Transformation through the Creativeness of a Conscious Life : Simone Weil (1909-1943)

Life: The Outburst of Life in the Human Sphere: Scientific Philosophy/Phenomenology of Life and the Sciences of Life, Springer,

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Author(s): Fiori, Gabriella

Simone Weil 1909 – 1943

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1999 : 20

Author(s): Brennan, Paul

The Impersonal and the Other: on Simone Weil (1907-43)

European Journal of Women's Studies,

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Author(s): Hermsen, Joke J.

An Inquiry into Genuine Mystery as a Transcendent, Uplifting and Illuminating Presence, with Particular Attention to the Life and Thought of Simone Weil

Princeton Theological Seminary,


Author(s): Elliott, Bradley James

Attending : Thoughts of Simone Weil on Prayer and Service

The Unitarian Universalist Christian,

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Ethical Attention: Accumulating Understandings

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One Moment of Pure Attention is Worth all the Good Works in the World

Cahiers Simone Weil,


Author(s): Andic, Martin

Simone Weil : farsi puro occhio che guarda


1998 : 32-34

Author(s): Floris, Luciana

Simone Weil : farsi puro occhio che guarda

1998 : 32-34

Author(s): Floris, Luciana

Simone Weil: on Politics, Religion and Society


1998 : 129

Author(s): Frost, Christopher, Bell-Metereau, Rebecca

시몬느 베이유의 삶과 철학 : 가담과 관조의 균형 Life and Philosophy of Simone Weil: A Balance Between Commitment and Observation

韓國 政治 學會報 Korean Political Science Review,

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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research,

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Attention to Suffering: Sympathy as a Basis for Ethical Treatment of Animals

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L’éducation comme attention à la faute

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Moral Reasoning as Perception: A Reading of Carol Gilligan


1996 : 97 - 113

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Psychotherapy and the Ethics of Attention

Hastings Center Report,

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The Beauty That Saves: Essays on Aesthetics and Language in Simone Weil, Mercer University Press,

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Self, Identity and Gender in the Life and Work of Simone Weil


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Towards an Aesthetic Teleology : Romantic Love, Imagination and the Beautiful in the Thought of Simone Weil and Charles Williams

Mozart and Immorality : Le Nozze di Figaro by David S. Siroky and Towards an Aesthetic Teleology : Romantic love, Imagination and the Beautiful in the Thought of Simone Weil and Charles Williams by Laura A. Smit., Boston University, the University Professors,

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Interpreting Simone Weil: Presence and Absence in Attention

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Is There Something – or Nothing? : Towards a Feministic Approach

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Paying Attention to the Order of Cultural Production Framework in Arts Education: What are Our Response-abilities?

JCT: Journal of Curriculum Theorizing ,

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Author(s): Mackinlay, Elizabeth