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“A Certain Way of Thinking”: Derrida, Weil and the Philippi Hymn

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Impotencia y tiempo en los escritos de juventud de Simone Weil

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In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp: Childhood, Philosophy and Education

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Proteus and the Expropriation of Time in Simone Weil


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Temps et travail chez Simone Weil: Intensification ou emancipation ?

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The Saint Paul of Simone Weil

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De la construcción de la identidad a la destrucción del yo en la obra de Simone Weil

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Waiting in Stillness and Silence

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A Mystical Response to Absurdity: A Study of Simone Weil’s Notebooks

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La conception du temps chez Simone Weil

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Author(s): Ruiz Jiménez, Juan Manuel

Dall’angustia del calcolo al calcolo della giustizia: le relazioni tra tempo, lavoro, diritti e obblighi

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Simone Weil and Music

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