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Female Homers: A Feminist “notos”?

Homer's Daughters: Women's Responses to Homer in the Twentieth Century and Beyond, Oxford University Press,

2019 : 57-91

Author(s): Burke, Catherine

Simone Weil: Receiving the Iliad

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2016 : 359-376

Author(s): Gold, Barbara K.

Tra Epos e epicedio. Paragrafi sulla ‘storia’ di Elsa Morante e Simone Weil

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Author(s): Borghesi, Angela

Simone Weil : between Homer and Christ

A refuge of lies : reflections on faith and fiction, Michigan State University,

2013 : 77-99

Author(s): Bandera, Cesáreo

西蒙娜·薇依的荷马观 – Simone Weil’s View of Homer

国外文学 ( Foreign Literatures),

2012 : 153-157

Author(s): 董波 (Dong Bo)

Simone Weil: Force, Tragedy, and Grace in Homer’s Iliad

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2011 : 119-131

Author(s): Poole, Adrian

La influència del món grec en Simone Weil

Simone Weil, experiència i compromís, Claret,

2009 : 25-37

Author(s): Chavarria, Adrià

Ethics and War in the 21st Century



Author(s): Coker, Christopher

Force and Human Suffering in Sixteenth-century Epic Poetry: Torquato Tasso’s Gerusalemme Liberata and Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga’s Araucana

Romance Languages, University of Oregon,

2008 : 298

Author(s): Picicci, Christen L.

Homer in the Twentieth Century : Simone Weil and Rachel Bespaloff

Occasional Works,

2006 : 18

Author(s): Beye, Charles Rowan

Reading the Iliad in the Light of Eternity

Modern Age, Intercollegiate Studies Institute,

2006 : 48-58

Author(s): Bruce, Cicero

Elan et Force : Phénoménologie de la Violence Historique chez Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2003 : 281-320

Author(s): Kühn, Rolf

The Force of Achilles in the Iliad

Orbis Litterarum,

2003 : 65-78

Author(s): Champagne, Roland A.

Homer and Simone Weil

Epea pteroenta: Beiträge zur Homerforschung: Festschrift für Wolfgang Kullmann zum 75. Geburtstag, Franz Steiner,

2002 : 63-75

Author(s): Holoka, James P.

Free Will: An Historical and Philosophical Introduction



Author(s): Dilman, İlham

Simone Weil on Greece’s Desire for the Ultimate Bridge to God: The Passion

Faith and Philosophy: Journal of the Society of Christian Philosophers,

1999 : 352-367

Author(s): Cullen, Helen E.

La guerra inattuale. Una rilettura di Omero secondo Simone Weil

Rassegna di storia contemporanea,

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Author(s): Deoriti, Alessandra