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Transcendence, Creation and Incarnation: From Philosophy to Religion



Author(s): O'Hear, Anthony

Between Closure and Openness: The Notion of the Self in Humanist Counselling and in Simone Weil, Examined against the background of Charles Taylor’s analyses of modern culture

University of Humanistic Studies,


Author(s): Damen, Annelieke

Immanence, Transcendence et Médiation de la “Metaxologie”

La vérité dans ses éclats : foi et raison : Actes du colloque de la Communauté du Chemin Neuf, Ad Solem,

2014 : 325-356

Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

Leere und Aufmerksamkeit: Studiem zum Offenbarungsdenken Simone Weils

Text & Dialog,


Author(s): Kühn, Rolf

A Mystical Response to Absurdity: A Study of Simone Weil’s Notebooks

Thirdfront: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences,

2013 : 128-145

Author(s): Shah, Mohammad Maroof

Die Neue Aufmerksamkeit Simone Weils : Religiös-ästhetische Dimensionen auf dem Weg zur Transzendenz : die Frage nach dem Sein

Forum Religionsphilosophie, Lit,

2012 : 240

Author(s): Schülert, Marie

Forza e dolore in Simone Weil

Dopo la shoah : un nuovo inizio per il pensiero, Carocci,

2011 : 261-273

Author(s): Regina, Umberto

Nihilism and Transcendence in Samuel Beckett and Simone Weil

Teresian Journal of English Studies,

2011 : 21-27

Author(s): Shah, Mohammad Maroof

Unglück und Schönheit als Wege zu Gott : Selbsttranszendenz im Werk Simone Weils

Geist und Leben,

2009 : 412-425

Author(s): Kather, Regine

Two Ways of Transcendence: An Essay on Poetry & Prayer

Literature, Universidade de Lisboa,

2004 : 99

Author(s): Palmeirim, Bernardo Manzoni

Humility and the Transcendent

Faith and Philosophy: Journal of the Society of Christian Philosophers,

2001 : 306-322

Author(s): Morgan, Vance G.

The Mystical and Prophetic Thought of Simone Weil and Gustavo Gutierrez: Reflections on the Mystery and Hiddenness of God

State University of New York Press,


Author(s): Nava, Alexander

The Cathar Mysticism of Simone Weil

Studies in Gnosticism and in the Philosophy of Religion, Four Courts Press,

1997 : 117-127

Author(s): Hanratty, Gerald

The Mystical-prophetic Thought of Simone Weil and Gustavo Gutierrez: Reflections on the Mystery and Hiddenness of God

The University of Chicago,

1997 : 364

Author(s): Nava, Alexander