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À la racine de l’enracinement weilien – l’arbre comme symbole réel

Comprendre: Revista Catalana de Filosofia,

2020 : 79-94

Author(s): Zyka, Christine

Writing Ecology in Cold War American Literature

University of Exeter,


Author(s): Daw, Sarah Harriet

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Wonder, Awe and Paying Attention to Nature

Aesth/Ethics in Environmental Change: Hiking Through the Arts, Ecology, Religion and Ethics of the Environment, LIT,

2013 : 71-84

Author(s): Denae-Drummond, Celia

Vulnerable Bodies: Feminist Reflection on the Holocaust and Nature

Holocaust and Nature, LIT Verlag,

2013 : 167-179

Author(s): Pinnock, Sarah K.

Looking with a Just and Loving Gaze: The Concept of Attention in the Writings of Simone Weil and Iris Murdoch

Liberal Studies, SFU,

2011 : 71

Author(s): Ravensbergen, Karen

Reading Nature As Sãdhanã in Simone Weil

Prajña Vihara: Journal of Philosophy and Religion,

2002 : 59-80

Author(s): Hermida, J. Ranilo B.

The Character of Don Giovanni in Mozart’s Opera

The Beauty that Saves: Essays on Aesthetics and Language in Simone Weil, Mercer University Press,

1996 : 173-183

Author(s): Allen, Diogenes

Time and the Body : Simone Weil. Nature and Culture

Cahiers Simone Weil,

1995 : 45-57

Author(s): Pirruccello, Ann