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L’intelligibilité du mystère : Simone Weil, Maurice Blondel et Gabriel Marcel

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2015 : 49-60

Author(s): Romano, Maria del Sol

To On: A Nameless Something Over which the Mind Stumbles

The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil, University of Notre Dame Press,

2004 : 115-132

Author(s): Lussy, Florence de

シモーヌ・ヴェイユにおける美と神秘–感性による必然性への同意 (Acceptance of the inevitability of Kansei – mystery and beauty in Simone Weil)

宗教哲学研究 (Studies in the Philosophy of Religion),

2000 : 58-69

Author(s): 今村, 純子 (Imamura, Junko)

An Inquiry into Genuine Mystery as a Transcendent, Uplifting and Illuminating Presence, with Particular Attention to the Life and Thought of Simone Weil

Princeton Theological Seminary,


Author(s): Elliott, Bradley James

Contradiction, Mystery and the Use of Words in Simone Weil

The Beauty That Saves: Essays on Aesthetics and Language in Simone Weil, Mercer University Press,

1996 : 13-29

Author(s): Springsted, Eric O.