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From Innate Morality Towards a New Political Ethos: Simone Weil With Carol Gilligan and Judith Butler

Ethics, Politics & Society,


Author(s): Heifetz, Aviad

Life Uprooted. Social and Moral Challenges of Woe

Revista portuguesa de filosofía,

2021 : 959-973

Author(s): Bueno Gómez, Noelia

Liberté et passivité chez Emmanuel Levinas et Simone Weil Peut-on être un soignant levinassien?

Éthique, politique, religions,

2019 : 57-74

Author(s): Meyer, Pierre Yves

Meeting our Patients Halfway: Toward an Ethic of Care in Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis, Self and Context,

2018 : 205-219

Author(s): Maddux, Hilary

Attentive Listening and Care in a Neoliberal Era: Weilian Insights for Hurried Times

Etica & Poltica,

2016 : 311-337

Author(s): Bourgault, Sophie

Beyond the Saint and the Red Virgin: Simone Weil as Feminist Theorist of Care

Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies,

2014 : 1-17

Author(s): Bourgault, Sophie

Posiciones éticas: entre el cuidado de sí y el prójimo (Ethical stances: between the self-care and the other)

Isegoria: Revista de Filsofia moral y politica,

2014 : 793-808

Author(s): Soler, Guillem Marti

Rūpesčio etikos ir sentimentalizmo etikos santykis


2014 : 57-66

Author(s): Bikauskaitė, Renata

Rūpesčio etikos normatyvumo problema.

Vilnius University,


Author(s): Bikauskaitė, Renata

Compassion, Caring and Justice: Teachers’ Strategies to Maintain Moral Integrity in the Face of National Hostility to the “Non-citizen”

Educational Review,

2009 : 249-264

Author(s): Arnot, Madeleine, Pinson, Halleli, Candappa, Mano

The Ethics of Self

Nursing Ethics,

2004 : 434-443

Author(s): Haegert, Sandra