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Impossible Rhyme in Geoffrey Hill

Essays in Criticism,

2022 : 77-93

Author(s): Docherty, Tom

The Rudeness and Reverence of Geoffrey Hill’s Mariology

Literature and Theology,

2019 : 150-165

Author(s): Russell, Jesse

‘Not an Idle Spectator’: Geoffrey Hill as Model Reviewer


2014 : 1-11

Author(s): Vincent, Bridget

The Bedrock of Gravity: Pondering the Grammar of Fall in Geoffrey Hill

Texas Studies in Language and Literature,


Author(s): Ang, Susan

‘Love-Runes we Cannot Speak’: Sacred and Profane Love in The Pentecost Castle

Literature and Theology,

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Author(s): Freer, Alexander

Kinesis, Kenosis, and the Weakness of Poetry

Revue LISA/LISA e-journal,

2009 : 35-49

Author(s): Kilgore-Caradec, Jennifer

Gravity and Grace in Geoffrey Hill

Essays in Criticism,

2008 : 237-56

Author(s): MacFarlane, Robvert