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“A Certain Way of Thinking”: Derrida, Weil and the Philippi Hymn

Eidos: A Journal for the Philosophy of Culture,

2021 : 7-22

Author(s): Jesson, Stuart

Compassion, Consolation and the Sharing of Attention

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2017 : 121-141

Author(s): Jesson, Stuart

Simone Weil (1909-1943)

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Author(s): Jesson, Stuart

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2015 : 49-64

Author(s): Jesson, Stuart

Simone Weil: Suffering, Attention and Compassionate Thought

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2014 : 185-201

Author(s): Jesson, Stuart

Rev. of Simone Weil: Attention to the real, by Robert Chenavier, translated by Bernard E Doering

International Journal for Philosophy of Religion,

2013 : 363-66

Author(s): Jesson, Stuart

Forgiveness and its Reason

University of Nottingham,


Author(s): Jesson, Stuart