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La transposition comme critère de vérité

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Vegan Cinema

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2018 : 125-146

Author(s): Pick, Anat

Understanding Simone Weil’s ” Science of the Supernatural” Within the Contect of Rationalism


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Simone Weil, le rêve et la réalité

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La espiritualidad del trabajo en Simone Weil

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The Void: Simone Weil’s Naming of Evil

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Simone Weil – Paul Claudel: une confrontation impossible, une confrontation sur l’impossible

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The World and Necessity

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2000 : 45-50

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Thought, Necessity, and Contemplation

Discussions of Simone Weil, State University of New York Press,

2000 : 51-71

Author(s): Rhees, Rush

Realism and Faith in Transformation through the Creativeness of a Conscious Life : Simone Weil (1909-1943)

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Simone Weil on Morality and Literature

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Le mal et la nécessité: réflexions sur Venise sauvée

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