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Simone Weil – Malheur

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(S)radicamento e comunità: Le riposte di Simone Weil alla risi del soggetto

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Is it Possible to Believe without Community According to Simone Weil?

Religiöse Bindungen - neu reflektiert : Ökumenische Antworten auf Veränderungen der Religiosität in Europa / Reimagining Religious Belonging: Ecumenical Responses to Changing Religiosity in Europe , Evangelishce Verlagsanstalt,

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The Asceticism of Work: Simone Weil

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Una comune passione. Estasi e politica in Georges Bataille e Simone Weil

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Przemoc w narracji i etyce Simone Weil

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A Simulacrum of Workplace Community: Individualism and Engineered Culture


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Punishment and Community: the Reintegrative Theory of Punishment

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