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Cuerpo, Lectura Y Mujer en Separation/Séparation de Annie Abrahams, Underbelly de Christine Wilks y Vniverse de Stephanie Strickland


2015 : 128-47

Author(s): Doménech, Oreto

Poetry on Screen: Poetry in Transition, Lingering in Cyberspace

Praque Social Science Studies : - Mediální rada, Raha,


Author(s): Kohutova, Radka, Cebe, Jan

‘Between the Blank Page and the Poem’: Reading Simone Weil in Contemporary American Poets

Cambridge Quarterly,

2007 : 129-54

Author(s): Fan, Kit

Simone Weil 1909 – 1943

Peripheral Press,

1999 : 20

Author(s): Brennan, Paul