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Simone Weil’s Uprooted

Placeless People: Writings, Rights and Refugees, Oxford University Press,

2018 : 96-118

Author(s): Stonebridge, Lyndsey

Playful Falls in Milieu of Contagion

The Techne of Giving: Cinema and the Generous Form of Life, Fordham University Press,

2017 : 91-116

Author(s): Campbell, Timothy C.

Saints, Scandals, and the Politics of Love: Simone Weil, Ingrid Bergman, Roberto Rossellini

SubStance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism,

2016 : 16-32

Author(s): During, Lisabeth

Simone Weil ispirò Rossellini

Alberto Moravia: Cinema italiano : recensioni e interventi 1933 - 1990, Bompiani,

2010 : 155-158

Author(s): Moravia, Alberto