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Faith Beyond Optimism: Simone Weil, Hannah Arendt, and Gillian Rose

Philosophy and Theology,

2011 : 257-266

Author(s): MacMillen, Sarah L.

‘Angry angels’ as Guides to Ethics and Faith: Reflections on Simone Weil and Gillian Rose


2009 : 14-23

Author(s): Rowlands, Anna

The Threefold Moral of the Disaster

Against Innocence: Gillian Rose's Reception and Gift of Faith, SCM Press,

2008 : 108-140

Author(s): Shanks, Andrew

The “void” in Simone Weil and the “broken middle” in Gillian Rose: the genesis of the search for salvation

Theology, University of Durham,

2006 : 340

Author(s): Parry, Gregory David