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An Apple Out of Reach: The Unattainable Ideal Beloved and Sappho’s Poetics in the Poetry of Marguerite Yourcenar and Anne Carson



Author(s): Mylrea, Colin

Å Oversette Gud: Om Anne Carsons Stereoskopiske Gudsframstilling Som En Kroppslig Forankra Oversettelsesprosess

University of Oslo,


Author(s): Ulla, Svalhiem

Coagulating and Aesthetics of Disjunction: A Semiological Reading of Anne Carson’s Decreation

Linguistics and Literary Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,


Author(s): Van Praet, Helena

Dialogical Interspecies Ethics: Ataraxia, Desire and Hope in the Post-Human World of Anne Carson’s Pastoral

The Goose,


Author(s): Bristow, Thomas

“She said plain, burned things”: A Feminist Poetics of the Unsayable in Twentieth Century Literary & Visual Culture

English, City University of New York,


Author(s): Souffrant, Leah

Untimely Meditations: Female Mysticism in Medieval Culture and Modern Scholarship

English, Queen's University,


Author(s): Wasson, Louise

The Disappearance of Literature: Blanchot, Agamben, and the Writers of the No



Author(s): Hillyer, Aaron

The Sacred Object: Anne Carson and Simone Weil

Acta Poetica,


Author(s): Coles, Elizabeth

Translations of the Self: A.E. Housman and Anne Carson, Between Scholarship and Creativity

Classics and Ancient History, Durham University,

2013 : 200

Author(s): Hannaway, Craig Brian

Simone Weil, the Bursting Bubble and the Yoga of Decreation

Ascent Magazine,

2009 : 48-52

Author(s): Boon, Marcus

Righting the self, and writing God

Thesis Eleven,

2008 : 101-109

Author(s): Ruprecht, Louis

Praying to an Absent God: The Poetic Revealing of Simone Weil

Culture, Theory & Critique, Routledge,

2006 : 133-147

Author(s): Baker, Timothy C.