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Sacrifice Between West and East: René Girard, Simone Weil and Mahatma Gandhi on Violence and Non-Violence


2020 : 51-63

Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Transforming the Sacred into Saintliness: Reflecting on Violence and Religion with René Girard

Cambridge University Press,


Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Spirituality and Politics

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2019 : 268-295

Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Violence and Religion: A Complex Relationship

Religion and Violence: Muslim and Christian Theological and Pedagogical Reflections, Springer,

2017 : 41-54

Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Sacrificial Cults as ‘the Mysterious Centre of every Religion’: A Girardian Assessment of Aby Warburg’s Theory of Religion

Sacrifice and Modern Thought, Oxford University Press,

2013 : 83-99

Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Europe and Enmity: How Christianity can Contribute to a Positive Identity

Violence, Desire and the Sacred: Girard's Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines, Continuum,


Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Simone Weil

Außenseiter der Philosophie, Königshausen & Neumann,

2012 : 405-422

Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang

Die Frage des Opfers im Spannungsfeld von West und Ost : René Girard, Simone Weil und Mahatma Gandhi über Gewalt und Gewaltfreiheit

Zeitschrift für katholische Theologie,

2010 : 462-481

Author(s): Palaver, Wolfgang