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«To Turn with All One’s Soul» : On Some Aspects of the Platonic Legacy according to Simone Weil



Author(s): Simeoni, Francesca

In the Middle of Love: At the Fringes of Personhood. An Explorative Essay on the Dialogue of I and Thou and the Poetics of the Impersonal



Author(s): Lysemose, Kasper

Of Colonialism and Corpses: Simone Weil on Force

Women’s International Thought: A New History, Cambridge University Press,

2021 : 72-92

Author(s): Kinsella, Helen M.

Sheila Watson as a Reader of Simone Weil: Decreation, Affliction, and Metaxu in The Double Hook

University of Toronto Quarterly,

2021 : 669-690

Author(s): Pinder, Kait

Simone Weil – Malheur

Liminality and the Philosophy of Presence: A New Direction in Political Theory, Routledge,

2021 : 115-149

Author(s): Hoppen, Franziska

Simone Weil: la atención y la acción como reconocimiento de la existencia

Cuadernos salmantinos de filosofía,

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Author(s): Romano, Maria del Sol

The Animality of Simone Weil: I Love Dick and a Nonhuman Politics of the Impersonal

Minnesota Review,

2021 : 77-94

Author(s): Grebowicz, Margret, Reyne, Zacchary Low

The Subversive Simone Weil: A Life in Five Ideas

University of Chicago Press,


Author(s): Zaretsky, Robert

A compaixão pelos infortunados: uma filosofia weiliana sobre a misericórdia como elemento ético e místico


2020 : 99-114

Author(s): Oliveira Silva, Robson de , Costa Lopes, Thobias

Filosofia e espiritualidade em Simone Weil à luz da miséria humana

Aufklärung: journal of philosophy,

2020 : 147-160

Author(s): Nogueria, Maria Simone Marinho

God Comes to Her: St. Teresa of Ávila, Simone Weil, and the Kantian Conception of Modern Religious Experience

Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy ,

2020 : 325-346

Author(s): Basevich, Elaine

Let Them Eat Cake: Articulating a Weilian Critique of Distributive Justice

Simone Weil, Beyond Ideology? , Palgrave Macmillan,

2020 : 41-59

Author(s): Earl, Kaleb G. M.

Politics of Resentment: Job and Antigone at the Origin of Politics

The Weariness of Democracy: Confronting the Failure of Liberal Democracy, Palgrave Macmillan,

2020 : 69-88

Author(s): Broncano, Fernando

The Beauty of the World and the Heart of the Labyrinth: A Consideration of Simone Weil’s Use of Metaphor in Confronting Us With What is Most Difficult in Living

Existential Analysis: Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis,

2020 : 20-33

Author(s): Steel, Marion

The Grace Concealed in Suffering: Developing Virtue and Beatitude

Catholic University of America,


Author(s): Chaloux, Paul N.

Animal e impersonnel: Sull’umano in Simone Weil

Etica & Politica,

2019 : 155-170

Author(s): Simeoni, Francesca

Film’s Religious Algorithm


2019 : 387-402

Author(s): Pick, Anat

Reading Simone Weil in East London: Destitution, Decreation and the History of Force


2019 : 113-131

Author(s): Rowlands, Anna

Simone Weil: o sofrimento como pathos da filosofia

Revista de filosofia aurora,

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Author(s): Valle, Bortolo

Venice Saved

Bloomsbury Academic,


Author(s): Weil, Simone, Wilson, Philip, Panizza, Silvia

When Fiction and Philosophy Meet: A Conversation with Flannery O’Connor and Simone Weil

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Which Void? (MGM Chapter 18)

Reading Iris Murdoch's Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals, Palgrave Macmillan,

2019 : 261-275

Author(s): Hämäläinen, Nora

“Like a Half-Crushed Worm”: Affliction, Negative Capability and Apophatic Aesthetics in the Work of Nuclear Death


2018 : 207-228

Author(s): Butler, Daniel G.

Commentary: The Theological Moment of the Life Story

Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Psychology,

2018 : 107-115

Author(s): Freeman, Mark

Life’s Perennial Problems

Journal of Philosophy of Life,

2018 : 1-19

Author(s): Takaki, Kyle

Philosophical Narratives of Suffering: Nietzsche, Levinas, Weil and Their Cultural Roots

Sumen Antropologi,

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Author(s): Aaltola, Elisa

Simone Weil: Critique of Rights and Impersonal Justice: A Political Philosophy of Obligation

University of Colorado,


Author(s): Linton, Peter Jesse

The Critical Spirit: The Pessimistic Heterodoxy of Simone Weil

New School for Social Research, The New School,


Author(s): Ritner, Scott B.

Filosofia de Simone Weil: Uma Mistica da acao e contemplacao

Revista Sísifo,


Author(s): Nogueira, Maria Simone Marinho

Intimations of a Spiritual New Age: I. The Spiritual Emergence and Personal Tragedy of a Universalized Christian Mysticism in the Life and Work of Simone Weil

International Journal of Transpersonal Studies,

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Author(s): Hunt, Harry T.

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Author(s): Astell, Ann W.

O sofrimento como pathos em Simone Weil

Outramargem: revista de filosofia,

2017 : 22-39

Author(s): Bueno, Denis Andre Bez

On the Heart-Knotting Feeling: An Outline

Theory and Criticism, University of Western Ontario,


Author(s): Liang, Lawrence J. Y.

Simone Weil: Thinking Tragically in the Age of Trauma

Tough enough : Arbus, Arendt, Didion, McCarthy, Sontag, Weil, University of Chicago Press,

2017 : 15-44

Author(s): Nelson, Deborah

Suffering Divine Things: Simone Weil and Jewish Mysticism

Spirituality and Global Ethics, Cambridge Scholars Publishing,

2017 : 9-26

Author(s): Sneller, Rico

The Cry of the Poor: Anthropology of Suffering and Justice in Health Care from a Latin American Liberation Approach



Author(s): Martins, Alexandre Andrade

The Essential Connection Between Human Value and Saintly Behavior

Journal of Value Inquiry,

2017 : 123-140

Author(s): Coghlan, Simon

The Training of the Soul : Simone Weil’s Dialectical Disciplinary Paradigm, A Reading Alongside Michel Foucault

Simone Weil and Continental Philosophy, Rowman & Littlefield,

2017 : 187-203

Author(s): Ritner, Scott B.

Formes de l’amour des malheureux chez Flora Tristan et Simone Weil


2016 : 33-53

Author(s): Leibovici, Martine

Kenotic Christ: Salvation in Weakness

Grace in Auschwitz: A Holocaust Christology, Fortress Press,

2016 : 125-189

Author(s): Fortin, Jean Pierre

La connaissance qui sauve; Simone Weil et la révélation gréco-chrétienne

Cahiers de littérature française,

2016 : 13-47

Author(s): Adinolfi, Isabella


Critical Criminology,

2016 : 375-391

Author(s): DeValve, Michael

Only a Witness to Speak for the Light: Simone Weil and Her Option for the Poor

The Way,

2016 : 55-70

Author(s): Khin Zaw, Jane

Pedagogy and the Philosophical Anthropology of African-American Slave Culture

Not only the Master's Tools: African American Studies in Theory and Practice, Paradigm Publishers,

2016 : 173-203

Author(s): Haymes, Stephen Nathan

Simone Weil, la confrontation au réel

Désarroi de notre temps : et autres fragments sur la guerre, Editions Peuple Libre,

2016 : 171-191

Author(s): David, Pascal, Weil, Simone

Simone Weil: Love of God, Affliction , and a New Saintliness

The Wisdom of Youth: Essays Inspired by the Early Work of Jacques and Raissa Maritain, American Maritain Association Publications,

2016 : 67-77

Author(s): Doering, Elizabeth Jane

The Space to See: Law and the Ethical Imagination

Moral Imagination and the Legal Life: Beyond Text in Legal Education, Routledge,

2016 : 11-32

Author(s): Bańkowski, Zenon

Unselfing Interpreted : Altered States and the Ethics of Insight from Valéry to Khatibi

Stanford University,


Author(s): Hulstyn, Michaela

A View from Below: Female Lament and Defiance in Times of War

Essays from the Margins, Lutterworth Press,

2015 : 27-43

Author(s): Rivera-Pagán, Luis N.