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Decreative Phenomenology: Levinas, Weil, and the Vulnerability of Ethics

Boston College,


Author(s): Reed, Robert Charles

Attention, Representation and Unsettlement in Katherena Vermette’s The Break, or Teaching and (Re) Learning the Ethics of Reading


2019 : 1-15

Author(s): Wallace, Cynthia

Simone Weil et Emmanuel Lévinas. L’impersonnel et l’altérité, le même défi?

Simone Weil, réception et transposition, Classiques Garnier,

2019 : 349-364

Author(s): Negri, Ferderica

Philosophical Narratives of Suffering: Nietzsche, Levinas, Weil and Their Cultural Roots

Sumen Antropologi,

2018 : 22-40

Author(s): Aaltola, Elisa

Sur Simone Weil (1909-1942) et Paul Claudel (1868-1955)


2018 : 91-98

Author(s): Hayoun, Maurice-Ruben

Angry Angels – Simone Weil and Emmanuel Levinas

Judaism and Modernity: Philosophical Essays, Verso,

2017 : 211-223

Author(s): Rose, Gillian

Levinas and Weil: Ethics after Auschwitz

Simone Weil and Continental Philosophy, Rowman & Littlefield,

2017 : 105-120

Author(s): Reed, Robert

Tentations du Christianisme: Henri Bergson, Simone Weil, Emmanuel Levinas

Religions d'Abraham: Histoires croisées, Labor et Fides,

2017 : 297-330

Author(s): Stroumsa, Guy G.

La provocazione dell’umano tra Simone Weil ed Emmanuel Levinas

Esistenza e storia in Simone Weil, Asterios editore,

2016 : 113-128

Author(s): Baccarini, Emilio

Dans la guerre : Simone Weil, Edith Stein, Franz Rosenzweig et Emmanuel Levinas

Cahiers Simone Weil,

2015 : 241-264

Author(s): Marxer, François

God’s Absence is Not Nothing: Thinking the Ab-solute Otherwise

Emory University,


Author(s): Gay, Ashley Marie

Relazioni incorporate: Sulla base di una teoria dei bisogni.

Teoria: Rivista di Filosofia,

2015 : 157-173

Author(s): Vergani, Mario

Emmanuel Levinas e Simone Weil: in divergente accordo

Quaderni di Inschibboleth,

2014 : 25-48

Author(s): Fulco, Rita

I Diritti dell’altro uomo politica, giustizia e diritti umani in Emmanuel Levinas

Universita deglli Studi di Palermo,


Author(s): Fulco, Rita

Judaisme et querelle des Alliances

Simone Weil, Editions de l'Herne,

2014 : 358-369

Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

Decreation as Substitution: Reading Simone Weil Through Levinas

The Journal of Religion,

2013 : 25-40

Author(s): Reed, Robert Charles

Maurice Blanchot, un lecteur attentif de Simone Weil Entre Emmanuel Levinas et Albert Camus


2012 : 144-153

Author(s): Mongin, Olivier

A alteridade como caminho de superação da violência: um estudo comparativo entre o pensamento de Simone Weil e Emmanuel Lévinas

Simone Weil e la filosofia, PUC-Rio,

2011 : 131-166

Author(s): Bingemer, Maria Clara L.

Levinas and the Unnamed Balaam on Ontology and Idolatry

The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy,

2011 : 131-145

Author(s): Herzog, Annabel

Simone Weil: personen, det heliga och etiken

På spaning... Från Svenska kyrkans forskardagar 2009, Verbum,

2010 : 117-131

Author(s): Zeiler, Kristin

‘Angry angels’ as Guides to Ethics and Faith: Reflections on Simone Weil and Gillian Rose


2009 : 14-23

Author(s): Rowlands, Anna

Readings of Emmanuel Lévinas, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Simone Weil: Abstract Universalism and Details about the African World

Forum for Modern Language Studies,

2009 : 188-199

Author(s): Bidima, Jean-Godefroy

Simone Weil et le judäisme postérieur à l’holocauste

Simone Weil. Sagesse et grâce violente, Bayard,

2009 : 183-205

Author(s): Bell, Richard H.

Dialogue, attention et témoignage

Revue des Sciences Religieuses,

2008 : 253-271

Author(s): Labbé, Yves

Margins of Religion: Between Kierkegaard and Derrida

Indiana University Press,


Author(s): Llewlyn, John

Otherness as Path Toward Overcoming Violence : A Comparative Study of Emmanuel Levinas and Simone Weil

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Duquesne University Press,

2008 : 143-170

Author(s): Bingemer, Maria Clara L.

The Threefold Moral of the Disaster

Against Innocence: Gillian Rose's Reception and Gift of Faith, SCM Press,

2008 : 108-140

Author(s): Shanks, Andrew

Levinas. L’esprit, la lettre : notes en marge de « Simone Weil contre la Bible » (1952)


2007 : 171-188

Author(s): Petitdemange, Guy

Two Slices from the Same Loaf? : Weil and Levinas on the Demand of Social Justice

Ethical Perspectives : Journal of the European Ethics Network,

2007 : 117-138

Author(s): Loughead, Tanya

Emmanuel Levinas’s Ethic of the Other, Kenosis and the Theodicy Questions

Religious Studies and Theology, Boston University,

2006 : 309

Author(s): Park, Wonbin

Kierkegaard and Levinas: The Subjunctive Mood

Transcending Boundaries in Philosophy and Theology, Routledge,


Author(s): Sheil, Patrick

Singularité et responsabilité : Kierkegaard, Simone Weil, Levinas

Travaux de philosophie, Honoré Champion,

2006 : 479

Author(s): Janiaud, Joël

Between Chora and the good: Metaphor’s Metaphysical Neighborhood

Perspectives in Continental Philosophy, Fordham University Press,


Author(s): Bigger, Charles P.

Altering Habits of Attention in Education: Simone Weil and Emmanuel Levinas

Spirituality and Ethics in Education: Philosophical, Theological and Radical Perspectives, Sussex Academic Press,

2004 : 42-53

Author(s): Eppert, Claudia

Reconstructing Platonism: The Trinitarian Metaxology of Simone Weil

The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil, University of Notre Dame Press,

2004 : 133-158

Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

“Simone Weil contre la Bibel”?

Mythe et philosophie : Les traditions bibliques, Presses Universitaires de France,

2002 : 33-51

Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

Eating Ethically: Emmanuel Levinas and Simone Weil

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly,

2002 : 295-320

Author(s): Walker, Michelle Boulous

Eradicating Evil: Levinas, Judaism and the Holocaust

Social Theory after the Holocaust, Liverpool University Press,

2000 : 141-158

Author(s): Seidler, Victor Jeleniewski

Justice and the Betrayal of Freedom: On Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil and Emmanuel Levinas

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale,


Author(s): Gayman, Cynthia Jane

Bad Girls, Bad Reputations: Feminist Ethics and Postfeminism

Australian Feminist Studies,

1999 : 377-385

Author(s): Parkins, Wendy

Suffering in the Cosmos: The Redemption of Evil in Levinas and Weil

Philosophical Writings,

1999 : 69-79

Author(s): Hamblet, Wendy C.

The Meaning of Suffering

Hastings Center Report,

1998 : 13-19

Author(s): Hooft, Stan Van

Simone Weil and Post-Holocaust Judaism

Cahiers Simone Weil,

1997 : 48-63

Author(s): Bell, Richard H.

Writing as Resistance: Four Women Confronting the Holocaust: Edith Stein, Simone Weil, Anne Frank, Etty Hillesum

Pennsylvania State University Press,

1997 : vii, 216

Author(s): Brenner, Rachel Feldhay