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Beyond “Christian Human Rights”: Simone Weil on Dignity and the Impersonal

Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society,

2020 : 107-117

Author(s): Amesbury, Richard

“Better Than a Great Many Good Works”: Jenny Erpenbeck’s Go, Went, Gone and the Primacy of Attention in Human Rights Practice

Journal of Human Rights Practice,

2019 : 406-421

Author(s): Phillips, Brian

(Contra) la compasión y la ética del sometimiento en las culturas capitalistas: Hannah Arendt y Simone Weil

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Author(s): Tello Garcia, Edgar

Simone Weil’s Uprooted

Placeless People: Writings, Rights and Refugees, Oxford University Press,

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Author(s): Stonebridge, Lyndsey

[Disability] Justice Dictated by the Surfeit of Love: Simone Weil in Nigeria

Law and Critique,

2017 : 1-22

Author(s): Onazi, Oche

A Conversation with Simone Weil

Philosophy Now,

2017 : 54-58

Author(s): Rombi, Elisabetta

Simone Weil i la seva aportació vital i intel·lectual al projecte personalista (en commemoració del 75 aniversari de la seva mort, l’any 1943)

Ars Brevis,


Author(s): LLorca Arimany, Albert

Universalità dei diritti o universalità del dovere? : Jacques Maritain e Simone Weil a confronto tra fondamento e consenso

Studia patavina: rivista della facoltà teologica del Triveneto,

2017 : 253-265

Author(s): Bortolin, Valerio

Per una fenomenologia dello sradicamento: l’astrazione dei diritti umani tra Simone Weil e Hannah Arendt

Post filosofie,

2016 : 71-89

Author(s): Recchia Luciani, Francesca R.

Pragmatic Rights

Law and Critique,

2015 : 155-171

Author(s): Colebrook, Claire

Oltre il personalismo: Simone Weil e la critica alla nozione di diritto


2014 : 459-474

Author(s): Pizzolato, Filippo

Are Human Rights Enough?

Human Rights from Community: A Rights-Based Approach to Development, Edinburgh University Press,

2013 : 50-68

Author(s): Onazi, Oche

Thinking in Images is Legal Theory

The Anxiety of the Jurist: Legality, Exchange and Judgment, Ashgate,

2013 : 43-67

Author(s): Del Mar, Maksymilian

What’s Love Got to Do with Development?

The Anxiety of the Jurist: Legality, Exchange and Judgment, Ashgate,

2013 : 225-237

Author(s): Onazi, Oche

The Dispositif of the Person

Law, Culture and the Humanities,

2012 : 17-30

Author(s): Esposito, Roberto

Obblighi, responsabilità e diritti umani

Simone Weil tra mistica e politica, Aracne,

2011 : 101-122

Author(s): Fulco, Rita

Diritto e diritti umani in Simone Weil

Dialegesthai: Rivista telematica di filosofia,


Author(s): Fulco, Rita

Najpierw powinność : prawa i obowiązki człowieka według Simone Weil i Józefa Wrzesińskiego


2010 : 108-114

Author(s): Steffens, Martin, Gawryś, Cezary

There is No Home for Me in this World

Culture and Pedagogical Inquiry,

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Author(s): Cambre, Maria-Carolina

Simone Weil e i diritti umani

Prospettiva Persona,

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Author(s): Taddei Ferretti, Cloe

Des « droits de l’homme » aux « obligations envers l’être humain » (S.Weil) – Métaphysique et politique de la diversité humaine


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Author(s): Gabellieri, Emmanuel

Commentary: Compassion at the Core of Forensic Ethics

Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law,

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Author(s): Norko, Michael A.

無力における責任:「人権」の手前 へ / Responsabilité impuissante : en-deçà des «droits de l’homme

哲学 (Tetsugaku),

2005 : 82-97

Author(s): 杉村 靖彦 (Sugimura, Yasuhiko)

Déclarations des droits et des devoirs: Problèmes contemporains à la lumière de Simone Weil

Cahiers Simone Weil,

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Author(s): Doering, E. Jane

Justice as Structure and Strategy of Peace

Peacemaking: Lessons from the Past, Visions for the Future, Rodofi,

2000 : 51-73

Author(s): Peter-Raoul, Mar