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“Strangely Surprised”: Maurice Blanchot on Simone Weil

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2017 : 37-49

Author(s): Hart, Kevin

Affirming solitude: Heidegger and Blanchot on Art

Eidos: revista de filosofia de la Universidad del Norte,

2013 : 11-38

Author(s): Peters, Gary

Maurice Blanchot and Fragmentary Writing: A Change of Epoch



Author(s): Hill, Leslie

Maurice Blanchot, un lecteur attentif de Simone Weil Entre Emmanuel Levinas et Albert Camus


2012 : 144-153

Author(s): Mongin, Olivier

Maurice Blanchot: Suffering and Affliction as Epiphany

Culture, Theory & Critique,

2011 : 199-211

Author(s): Tolliday, Phillip

Simone Weil: Dialectic of Apparent Opposites

The collected writings of Jon Thompson, Ridinghouse,

2011 : 407-422

Author(s): Thompson, Jon

Indiscretion With Regard to the Unsayable: Weil to the Postmodern

Detours in Philosophy: Controversies in the Continental Tradtion, Peter Lang,

2008 : 59-72

Author(s): Vaughan, William

Désigner l’impensable: Simone Weil et Maurice Blanchot

Simone Weil et le poétique (Colloque international réuni à l'École Normale Supérieure de Paris 19-21 octobre 2006), Kimé,

2007 : 237-254

Author(s): Mattiussi, Laurent

Grace and the Experience of the Impossible: Blanchot’s “Impossible Relation” as a Prolegomenon to a Theology of Grace

Philosophy and Theology,

1997 : 421-448

Author(s): Purcell, Michael

Blanchot’s Neutral Space: A Negative Theology?

Pacifica: Australasian Theological Studies,

1996 : 175-184

Author(s): Madder, Clive